Friday 19 September 2014

Neon holo jelly gradient over black and white crosshatch

Oops I did it again... couldn't help myself cause black and white is just so not colourful. Over my classic black and white crosshatch mani I filled in some of the white lines with black and then dabbed on a gradient consisting of pink, purple and blue neon holo jelly polishes from Beyond the Nail. I've reviewed and swatched them on their own and over black here.

Sorry guys, no video because this mani was the product of expermenting and not having a clue what would turn out. Kind of challenging to film and edit a video in which you keep changing your mind. If there's enough love for this design I could recreate it though!

Do check out the video for the base black and white portion of this design though. And then use your imagination and add some filling in of the white lines with black polish (I used a regular detailing paint brush), followed by sponging on of the neon holo jelly gradient over the entire nail.

Using jellies to fill in white spaces among black ones is known as the leadlighting technique, so maybe that's what this is too? Who knows.

The purple jelly didn't end up so obvious in the finished product, it kind of got eaten by the pink.

My nails later that night and my sangria! Not a Shirley Temple?! Shocking, I know.

Polishes used:
- Beyond the Nail 'Supernova' (neon pink holo jelly - swatched and reviewed here)
- Beyond the Nail 'Nebula' (neon purple holo helly - swatched and reviewed here)
- Beyond the Nail 'Asteroid' (neon blue holo helly - swatched and reviewed here)
- Cult Nails 'Tempest' (white creme)
- Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (black creme)


  1. You did it again....and this time it came out more beautiful...and more colorful...liked this one..Fabulous. :-)

  2. Love it! :)
    Do you do both hands when you do designs like this? Very talented :)

    1. Sometimes! Not this one though cause I was just playing around and didn't really have a plan. When I do both hands I'd usually do my cinderella hand first so that's the one that gets mucked up a bit when I then do my 'good'/swatching/photoshoot hand, lol. Thanks :D

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