Thursday, 11 September 2014

Pink agate rocks using seafoam sponging technique

About a month ago I posted a turquoise agate rock like mani using the same seafoam sponging technique you see here, but truth be told I did these pink ones first, teehee. They've been in my blog header for over a month now, c'mon people where's your attention at?! In any case it is clear that I was directly inspired by the Base Coat Top Coat's pink agate rock nails, but clearly her detail is beyond my freehanding abilities. See my first freehanded failed attempt below!


The key ingredient: Sea foam sponges, sometimes known as silk sponges, you can pick up from your local craft store.

I ripped up the sponge and used a jagged point to do the targeted sponging on the nail.

My messy paint-covered yogourt container lid - don't throw these things out, they are golden!

My very first attempt at the Base Coat Top Coat's pink agate rock nails - I tried freehanding it and it failed miserably. It looks like a bunch of snuggling worms, if you ask me. So I re-strategized my attack plan by arming myself with the silk sponge. Mission defeated!

My kitty Menchie cause why not. She loves pink.


The video should be pretty self explanatory. I mix up different combinations of acrylic paints between sponging layers, working with one colour at a time, and layering each layer over the last (makes more sense in the video). Overall this technique is super random, so I like to change up the patterns from nail to nail. Acrylic paint dries super fast so you are free to begin sponging one colour immediately after you've finished the last. Wait a couple minutes after applying your base polish though, to avoid picking up the polish with the sea foam sponge. The loose glitters at the end are for that extra added rock sparkle!

Now go, and rock this mani! The colour combos are endless :)

Polishes used:
- Maybelline Color Show 'Pink punch' (light neon pink creme)
- Ciaté mini loose glitter 'Berry blizzard' (iridescent hex glitters with micro pink glitters)
- Assorted acrylic paints from my local craft store


  1. Amazing :) You know what my cat looks very similar ;)

  2. Great effect and colors and thanks for sharing with us the secret. I have to buy a sea foam sponge, because with the usual ones my nails look like crap :) have a great weekend!