Wednesday 28 May 2014

Stepping up my game, ladies

I am interrupting your daily dose of nail art for an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:

I have a new camera and it's awesome!

My new baby.
That's right folks, I'm trying to be awesome like those other nail bloggers who have awesome photography skills. I'm still missing the skills part, but I'm hoping the DSL-R camera will suffice for now. If you're curious, I was previously shooting with a Canon PowerShot S110 point and shoot camera, usually on macro mode.

This shiny new Nikon D5300 with a 40mm macro lens was a present from my family for finishing my Master's degree! Woop woop I am officially the coolest Master in Sociology/Criminology ever, clearly, 'cause I now spend all my free time doing something nail related. Putting that academic education to work!

I know what you're thinking... you want to see more of my nail polish stash, don't you. I'm just teasing you. I must tell you that what looks like a row of polish on each shelf is actually mostly doubled-up rows of polish. Yes, that means about half my polish is sitting behind another polish. Le sad. One day I shall build another polish rack to showcase all of them... er, I mean, ask my boyfriend to build me another polish rack.

Proper pics of my polish rack and colourful babies coming soon to a computer screen near you.


  1. I have built some easy shelfs with the two rows in sligtly different hights, I loove them. Ask your guy to build ;)

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