Saturday 3 May 2014

Coucher de soleil - une soirée à Paris

Savais-tu que je connais le français ainsi que l'anglais? Okay let me just stop there before I thoroughly embarrass myself.

This nail art, based over the summery neon gradient I posted yesterday, is a silhouette depiction of some well known Paris landscapes. Have I ever been to Paris? No. Have I ever been to anywhere in Europe? No. In fact I've never been out of North America. So very lame.

I was inspired to do this mani because Nailpolis has a secret badge nail artists can unlock called 'Paris, je t'aime'. I may be bilingual but I'm still not even sure that literally painting Paris on your fingertips will unlock this badge, but what the hell. Turned out pretty cool either way.

This mani involved a four-colour gradient created by using a make-up sponge to dab the colours on over a white base. I then used a teeny tiny brush I cut down myself to make thinner to paint on the designs using black acrylic paint. I did not apply a top coat on this mani as I liked the idea of the black paint being a bit matte in relation to the gradient background.

 Can you figure out what main Paris attractions I was going for?

If you can't, that okay, because I was literally seeking inspiration from having typed in 'Paris' in Google images since I am poorly cultured and have no idea what I'm talking about. There's the Eiffel tower (duh), a bridge (? okay), a ferris wheel (not even sure if it's a functional one or just a sculpture in real life?), the louvre and a triangular glass building on my pinky (could be the same thing, I have no idea), and the Notre Dame church on my thumb (again, couldn't tell you if this functions as a real church or is just a museum-type church without checking wikipedia for the answer).

Someone, please take me to Europe!

Polishes used:
- China Glaze 'Sun worshiper' (neon yellow-orange)
- Nails Inc. 'Portobello' (neon orange-coral)
- Orly 'Hot shot' (neon pink-red)
- Finger Paints 'Pop art purple' (neon fuschia-purple)

- Black acrylic paint
- Orly 'Pointe blanche' (white used as base coat, not pictured - oops)


  1. I've been in Paris once and I recognize all buldings on your nails, so that's really good work :D And that gradient is awesome! ; )

    1. Good to know I'm not making things up :) You're so lucky! Thank you so much for your kind words. P.s. if you are actually a cat with a blog, then you're amazing.

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