Friday 25 July 2014

Mani swap with Dorra of Didoline!

Why is it that all french nail bloggers are so amazing??? I mean seriously. What. The. Heck. I am so happy to share with you today a mani swap with one of them, the super sweet Dorra of Didoline's Nails! Dorra chose to replicate my super time-consuming neon and black hypnotizing square mani and I went the simple route baha and chose one of her Fashion Friday nail arts, this one inspired by the Fausto Puglisi 2015 Resort collection.

Yeah so, when I see Dorra's recreation mani next to mine I am pretty underwhelmed by mine!!! I mean, it takes sooo much effort to lay down all that striping tape! I am still in complete AWE of her work here. She even did a video tutorial! Which I failed to do last time around because I was lazy. Check out Dora's post on her blog.

Why I picked the simplest design to recreate I will never understand. Well actually, I just really liked the colour combo and the edgy simplicity of the look. I mean, look at that skirt! That coat/shall thingamajig! I am no fashionista but... that's hot.

Nails inspired by the Fausto Puglisi 2015 Resort collection

How pretty is this lilac purple polish though??? I got it from the ladies of The Republic, which I blabbed on about in an old post inspired by deodorant packaging.

This ugly bottle but pretty colour right here is still a mystery polish to me. It's Charlotte Russe brand but there's nothing more than a few letters and number markings on it, with no hint of a name of anything. It's probably 10 years old, but it's the only polish of this colour that I own!!

My fav striper polishes - Quo by Orly. I actually freehanded all of this, and went without nail vinyls or tape, which is rare for me. Dorra has a tutorial on her page showing how to achieve the straightest lines for this look using a half moon and straight nail vinyls. I used the striper polish for the middle line and regular black nail polish for the half moon.

The whole gang (almost):

Polishes used:
- Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (my fav black creme - you can win it in this giveaway!)
- Get Nailed 'Watch the hair!' (lilac purple creme)
- Charlotte Russe 'Pastel SP09 NAI' (light aqua creme with faint pink shimmer... I realized later that this same 'name' was also on a different CR polish.... ummm so yeah, it's not a name after all)
- Quo by Orly Instant Artist in Black (not pictured, woops)

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