Friday 18 July 2014

Split baby blue and gold with crackled studs

Studs! The first time I've ever used any, actually. Born Pretty Store sent me these super cool crackled leopard studs and I thought they were pretty unique compared to the typical monochromatic studs we see everywhere these days. I used the colours in the stud as a point of reference and picked my polish colours from there.

Since I've never worked with studs I made a video thinking that it may actually be more challenging than I thought. I wasn't sure whether I should use nail glue or just stick on the studs with topcoat. I ended up using Orly nail glue because I wanted to wear this look for a few days at the office. In the end that probably wasn't the best decision.... because while the studs were definitely not going to pop off, when I went to remove my mani  I had to almost scrape off the glue that was left. Probably not going to do that again. But the studs are still pretty awesome, on the nail or not. You can pick them up yourself at Born Pretty Store (item #14738) and get 10% using my code at the checkout (SIMX31).

My cinderella hand nails are shorter, I couldn't fit the fouth stud on my middle finger baha.

(see also 15sec on Instagram)

How to:

  1. Paint whole nail with gold duochrome polish
  2. Apply quick dry top coat and let dry (I use Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat)
  3. Apply striping tape down center of nail (step 2 & 3 are optional, and more necessary for the nails that don't have studs all the way up the nail so a clean straight line is made)
  4. Paint half the nail with blue polish and remove striping tape promptly
  5. To pick up the studs, you can either use a wax stick or add a dab of top coat or clear polish to the end of a dotting tool and pick up the stud that way (as I did in the video)
  6. Add a dab of brush on nail glue to the inside of the stud (or just top coat if you don't want them to stay on long) and immediately press the stud onto the nail
  7. Repeat for all studs
  8. Final topcoat ensuring a thick application to get in the side crevices around the studs 

Polishes used:
- Nails Inc. 'Chelsea physic garden' (baby blue creme)
- Nails Inc. 'Stratford' (gold-pink duochrome)

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