Tuesday 1 July 2014

Neon green and yellow corner gradient

In my Gradient Guide, which I published maybe two weeks ago, I included a thumbnail of a neon green 'corner gradient' but hadn't yet published the actual mani. Here it is! Truth be told I did this mani on May 24th... I know cause that's what my pic file creation date says. I never got around to posting it mostly because the end result (which is part 2, to be revealed in tomorrow's post) is rather confusing and I didn't make a video tutorial. I figured I would do one eventually and then be able to post the mani along with a video, but.... too much work. You won't blame me when you see the final design tomorrow.

So all a corner gradient is is this. Just paint the polish on the make-up sponge in a ripple-effect type arrangement, with a yellow corner as the nucleus, then green outside that quarter-circle, aqua, you get the point. Maybe, I dunno, that probably isn't clear at all.

These pics do not have topcoat by the way, which is why the neon looks a little dull and not so blendy-blendy. I had gone a night with no topcoat letting this mani dry cause it was before I owned a good quickdry topcoat. I was so uninformed.

Also, I didn't know what the aperture setting on my DSL-R did back in May. Face palm for days.

Love this colour! And all the neon yellow-lime greens, ever.

Just for fun here's two different lighting settings:

Obviously using the flash even indoors washes out the colour too much, i.e., too much white balance. Since the time I took these pics I acquired a new set up with 5200k CFL daylight simulator bulbs, and so far I find that they actually yield the best photographs of neons out of the three options available to me (flash indoors, indirect sunlight/shade indoors, or CFL bulbs indoors). I don't really ever have the direct sun available to me, that's too much of a luxury.

Polishes used:
- China Glaze 'Yellow polka dot bikini' (neon yellow creme)
- Spa Ritual 'Firefly' (lime green neon jelly)
- China Glaze 'In the limelight (neon)' (green creme with shimmer)
- Maybelline 'Urban utopia' (aqua creme)

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