Tuesday 9 September 2014

Déjà vu? Black and holo starburst scaled gradient with blinged out accent nail

So yes, this mani definitely looks like one I've posted recently, i.e., the triple starburst holo and black scaled gradient design I did for Nailpolis' celebration mani contest (which btw I didn't win, sad face). But I actually did this mani before the triple (pics are dated Aug 10), so what you see here was my first attempt at a starburst scaled gradient! I shyed away from attempting the triple off the bat, but my order of posting makes things look really deceptive, doesn't it? Muhaha.

Starburst nail vinys are from Nailvinyls.com, and evidently I added an accent nail featuring two infamous holo glitter polishes from Painted Polish by Lexi.


I added random dots of the coveted silver holo glitter 'Drunk on Holo' along the points of the scaled gradient division, but in the end I think it takes away from the scaled gradient effect. Looks a little royal maybe, meh, on to the next!

Now that you're seeing this super close, note how it is indeed different than my previous starburst scaled gradient, aside from this being a double and not a triple. I begin with black at the bottom as opposed to holo here, which I realized what not quite efficient given that cleaning out the black that was sponged all over (and in) my cuticle was a pain in the ass.

So, advice: Whenever you're using black in any gradient mani, scaled or not, try and avoid having the black be at the base of your mani if sponging of it is required. Just keep black polish far far away from those cuticles!

Ooh, sparkly! No tutorial for this accent nail but it is simply one coat of OPI's Push and Shove (silver chrome polish), then I sponged on a couple coats of a glitter gradient with the two holo glitters you see here using a makeup sponge. See my previous tutorial on using a makeup sponge to maximize glitter payoff.


Polishes used:
- Color Club 'Eternal beauty' (purple holo)
- Painted Polish 'Holo wasted' (purple holo glitter - reviewed and swatched here)
- Painted Polish 'Drunk on holo' (silver holo glitter - reviewed and swatched here)
- Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (black creme)


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