Thursday 25 September 2014

Colour-shifty action with colour blocks and studs

Total random alert! And it's not even a gradient! (wtf?) I was playing around with the new right angle nail vinyls from and got to thinkin': What design can I make out with these that I probably could have used straight vinyls to create so I just wasted those right angles for no reason? Sigh. Whatever, it is definitely easier to get straight right angles with right angle vinyls (obv, duh), and the colour shiftiness of this mani makes up for it. Colour shifting base polish is ILNP Masquerade (H) from their new fall collection which I've swatched with a twist here. The really cool also shifty rhinestone-stud thingies are from Born Pretty Store, love 'em!

ILNP Masquerade ultra chrome chameleon studs

Not really sure what inspired me, nothing really other than these sweet chamelon studs I got from Born Pretty Store (item #15228). As soon as I saw them I though OH EM GEE THEY ARE EXACTLY LIKE THAT POLISH. And so I whipped out ILNP's Masquerade (H) and two of her friends, Mega (L) and AC Slater decided to come along too and I was like okay, let's roll.

ILNP Masquerade ultra chrome chameleon studs

Look at me! I'm like @ressa_d! Balancing nail polish bottles on ma nailZ. Before failing as the bottle fell.... woops.

There's so many pictures and I can't stop!!

Macro all the nails n' studs n' things!


Polishes used:
- ILNP 'AC Slater' (charcoal grey holo)
- ILNP 'Mega (L)' (silver holo - see swatches and review here)
- ILNP 'Masquerade (H)' (pink to green holo ultra-chrome - see swatches and review here)

*Disclosure: Studs were provided by Born Pretty Store to me for review as were polishes from ILNP.

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