Sunday 24 August 2014

Starburst holo scaled gradient skittle for Nailpolis celebration

Scaled gradients like you've never seen them before! And a triple scaled gradient at that! This mani is my abstract interpretation of the theme celebration/party for Nailpolis' 1 million Facebook fans contest. My first thought was 'fireworks', and my second though was 'I don't want to actually paint fireworks!' Away with literal interpretations! Bring on the crazy.


I used starburst nail vinyls from along with a foundation makeup sponge to help create this look. Check out the video below!

This mani is indeed confusing but it also isn't perfect. I didn't always line up the nail vinyls for both scales exactly the same. My pinky nail only has one point of a star as its third scale, and on the middle finger the third gradient is rotated weird. The green holo polish I used for the pointer finger didn't blend as well as the other holo polishes, so the gradients on that nail are kind of meh. Clearly this means I need to buy more holos. And do more practice!

Starburst nail vinyls
Kitty meme cause Menchie is always in my way! See this meme along with a whole collection of others on my Party Mix page!


The video should be self-explanatory but note that I cut the starburst nail vinyls a little bit so that the points did not surpass the black part of the gradient I'd just applied. I could have avoided this by making the black gradient go further up the nail, but I honestly didn't even know what I was doing or how it would turn out until I was done. Surprise!

Please check out the Gradient Guide for more general tips on gradients, quick dry top coats and nail vinyls, along with a dedicated section to scaled gradients at the bottom of the page.

Polishes used:
- Color Club 'Angel kiss' (blue holo)
- Color Club 'Eternal beauty' (purple holo)
- Color Club 'Miss bliss' (pink holo)
- ILNP 'Mega (L)' (silver holo - stay tuned for a swatch and then some of this and the entire new ILNP Fall collection!)
- Girly Bits 'Lack of pies' (green to purple duochrome holo)
- Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (black creme)


  1. I am sure that the Nailpolis jury will love this one, it is fun to look at it and it really looks like some fireworks!

    1. I hope so! Not sure I will get full points on theme, but whatever!! Break rules not nails, right?! :D

  2. WOW that's stunning!! I should try this!
    I follow you now, I think you should get more follower, your page is so great!
    I love it ♥

    Lovely greetings,
    Nailpolish addicted

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I don't do much blog networking, I probably should! Most of my networking and growth is on Instagram. How do I promote my actual blog though, other than to people on Instagram? I have no idea lol

    2. Yes, I saw your page. :) I also have Instagram now, maybe you want to follow me on Instagram or Blogspot too? It would be great! ♥ nailpolish_addicted_blog
      I always watch your videos, I love them! ♥
      I don't know much possibilities, but you could visit I got some follower, but I still just have 20 on Blogpsot haha :D Maybe it helps you! :)

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