Wednesday 13 August 2014

Turquoise rocks using irregular sea foam sponging technique

Random nails again! Random in the sense that I used a completely random technique to create what you see here, which kind of resembles turquoise agate rocks, maybe?? Or underwater coral pieces? I was inspired by the Base Coat Top Coat's pink agate rocks, mind you hers are far more detailed. I have NO IDEA how she hand painted this in all that irregular perfect detail. Pretty sure she used a tiny detailed brush and beat the hell out of a realism painter near you. Nevertheless, I worked with what I had and used a 'sea foam' sponge to create this look.

Let's call this the irregular sea foam sponging technique!


I introduced the use of sea foam sponges (also referred to as 'silk sponges) in my nail art in a post where I created irregular pink clouds and then added a treeline silhouette. A couple weeks later I used the same irregular cloud look using the sea foam sponges in a dark and evil lightning mani. I really like working with these sponges because they are fun (random!) and because the end result is always a different surprise.

You can find these sponges at your local craft store. I rip them up into smaller pieces and use a small edge/corner to sponge on paint in a targeted area.

Does this nail art look somewhat familiar? If it does that mean you've watched my nail care regimen video on YouTube, yay! This mani was the featured star applying all kinds of lotions and oils that I discuss at length on my new Nail Care page.

How gorgeous is this iridescent glitter topper, I Like It On Top 'Party Favorite' by NCLA?

Wore this look to work for a week! 

Delicious peanut butter and chocolate ice cream burger being enjoyed at Burgers n' Fries Forever in Ottawa, Canada! Nom nom nom.


This video should be pretty self explanatory. I mix up different combinations of acrylic paints between sponging layers, working with one colour at a time, and layering each layer over the last (makes more sense in the video). Overall this technique is super random, so I like to change up the patterns from nail to nail. Acrylic paint dries super fast so you are free to begin sponging one colour immediately after you've finished the last. Wait a couple minutes after applying your base polish though, to avoid picking up the polish with the sea foam sponge.

Now go, and rock that mani! The colour combos are endless :)

Polishes used:
- NCLA 'Party Favorite' (iridescent glitter topper)
- China Glaze 'Too yacht to handle' (bright turquoise creme)
- Assorted acrylic paints from my local craft store (mixed to make some shades)


  1. Beautiful and look amazing :) But I can't do this

  2. The design came out breathtaking and I like that you added the glitter, this way the mani is more special!