Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fall-toned asymmetrical colour-blocking with matte textured glitters

Colour-block cause why not! A simple asymmetrical colour-block featuring three new polishes from Colour Club's Made in New York and Seven Deadly Sins Fall 2014 collections. These three colours just go so well together and are fresh and fit for this fall weather we're having over here in Canada. Although with our luck, it will be snowing next week and I'll be reaching for deep blues and iridescent white flakies. Enjoy fall manis while they last!


Macro polish brushes cause why not! I won't be swatching these bad boys unless someone pays me to quit my full time desk job. Assuming that's not going happen, enjoy a series of nail arts instead! They're pretty awesome though, amirite?!

Color Club - Seven Deadly Sins collection

This colour tho!!! And I don't even like red/pink/whatever this is - generally speaking.

Check out that matte texture! No top coat on this mani to let the texture show itself! Love 'em.

A super easy mani to do on both hands. 

(see also 15sec on Instagram)

Polishes used:
- Color Club 'You're so vain' (purple matte textured glitter)
- Color Club 'Apple of my eye' (rich magenta-burgundy shimmer creme)
- Color Club 'Dirty money' (sand-toned matte textured glitter)

*Polishes used in this post were provided by Color Club for my honest review.


  1. This color block design looks so great on your long nails and again you made the best polish choice!

  2. Wow - I love that design you did on your nails. Great choice of polishes, also! Thank you for the wonderful photos!


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