Saturday, 18 October 2014

Holo tribal reciprocal gradient featuring the Cirque burlesque collection

I realize this is a busy-looking mani but I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF - I want all the holos on all my nails, all the time. So sue me. Featuring the entire Cirque Colors Burlesque Collection (swatched and reviewed here), I made every nail a reciprocal gradient using tribal chevron nail shields from Love, Angeline.


Each nail is a 2-toned reciprocal gradient (read more about gradient terminology on my Gradient Guide), except for on my ring finger which is a 4-tones reciprocal gradient for maximum rainbow-holo-ness slash confusion.

My fav nail actually turned out to be my thumb nail. I placed the tribal chevron vinyls in a different pattern than on the rest of the nails, and it turned out to be a pretty cool retro pattern! Unfortunately my colour choice in this mani isn't the best at showing off the pattern made. Ah well, next time.

Tribal stuck on love nail shields from Love, Angeline
I did do both hands for this mani, switched up the colours a bit, but in the end I wish I didn't do both hands because I used up almost my entire sheet of tribal nail vinyls and now I don't have enough left to do a full mani using the pattern that made a surprise appearance on my thumb nail. Nail blogger problems.

(see also 15sec versions here and here on Instagram)

For tips and tricks on doing gradients and the use of nail vinyls, check out my Gradient Guide.

BONUS VIDEO on Instagram: How I clean my cuticles of nail polish using acetone and my favourite cuticle oil!

Polishes used:
Cirque Burlesque Collection - see swatches and review
- Cirque 'Harlow' (antique gold holo)
- Cirque 'Boudoir' (pink/plum holo)
- Cirque 'Josephine' (emerald green holo)
- Cirque 'Trocadero' (royal blue holo)


  1. I love your manicures.. Could you please tell me where I can find all those stickers you use? Thank you :)

    1. Hi there, thank you :) I always say in the post where I get my nail vinyls from, these ones are from but I also get some from Enjoy!

    2. I didn't notice the link. Thank you :)

  2. I really love especially your pointer finger! The blue and yellow contrast each other well so it looks gorgeous (:

    1. Thank you so much! Yes the contrast didn't really work out too well on all of them, ah well, gotta try to know what doesn't work :D

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