Friday, 24 October 2014

Holo and creme intricate reciprocal gradient with striping tape

Gradient + holo + striping tape = meeeee! I had some fun with this one, that's for sure. Thanks to Live Love Polish, a new online polish retailer, I got to try out one of the infamous Color Club holographic hues (Kismet) along with a teal China Glaze creme I've been lusting over (Shower Together - what a name btw). 


I've done this pattern before on one nail with a gradient way way back in black, red and white, and then another time a full mani's worth sans gradient. I first saw it done by Kelli of The Nail Polish Challenge (p.s. she's so fab) and I just had to make it a gradient. And holo. And reciprocal. Cause nail art ain't nail art unless it's super complicated.

Color Club's 'Kismet'! Love it. You can find it at Live Love Polish.

China Glaze's 'Shower Together'. What a rich deep teal creme. It built up really nice and opaque in this gradient mani.

Striping tape! It was also given to me by Live Love Polish. Not sure if they'll be stocking it in their shop, but striping tape is available pretty much everywhere, including eBay, Amazon, Born Pretty Store, etc.

And a bonus flash shot! This last pic was taken with a new lens too that I was testing out at the dinner table. I'll do up a post eventually on my latest equipment upgrades. I'm taking this trying-to-be-a-French-nail-blogger thing really seriously, okay.


Please check out my Gradient Guide for general tips on gradient, quick dry top coats, sponges, working with striping tape, and more!

Polishes used (just two, omg wow I know):
- Color Club 'Kismet' (light green holo)

*Products used in this post were provided by Live Love Polish for my honest review.


  1. This is amazing! You're so talented :)


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