Saturday 4 October 2014

Mani swap: Teal colourblock holos and a rainbow scaled gradient

Ohhh boy, we have a revolutionary post on our hands today that is going to go down in mani swap history! The talented French nail blogger Faustine of La NPA Mouton and I have been plotting this franco-anglo-blogger assimilation scheme for probably two months now and I'm so happy that things finally came to fruition. As I've raved before, French nail bloggers are stupid awesome and their impeccable attention to detail is just INCROYABLE.

I was struck by Faustine's teal colour-block combo mani, but evidently I don't have her fantastic collection of teal holos so I had to get a bit creative and actually make a teal creme holo with a holo top coat from GG Couture. Faustine was inspired to re-create my neon rainbow skittle single chevron scaled gradient, one of the first few that I ever did using the technique! She definitely nailed it!


As a bonus, here's the video tutorial of my original single chevron scaled gradient mani that Faustine used to make her fabulous scaled gradient re-creation mani!

Back to Faustine's genius design!

Cult Nails' 'Tempest' - my fav white polish ever! 

Try holding this many bottles. It ain't easy.

Mmmmm teal holo macrooooo.

(see also 15sec version on Instagram)

The video should be pretty straight forward. You can find striping tape almost anywhere including from eBay or Amazon, as well as from Born Pretty Store. My fav quick dry top coat I use between steps is HK Girl top coat by Glisten & Glow. With it I wait no more than 15min before applying tape and it never peels off the base polish. Be sure to work quickly while applying each colour block section because you need to remove the tape asap while it's still wet.

Polishes used:
- ILNP 'Fall semester' (teal holo - see swatches and review here)
- ILNP 'Rehab' (green holo)
- ILNP 'Music box' (tiffany blue/green light holo)
- GG Couture 'Genevieve' (holo top coat)
- Quo by Orly 'Mesmerizing waterfall' (blue teal creme)
- Cult Nails 'Tempest' (white creme)

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