Tuesday 23 December 2014

Christmas throwback: Candy cane nails

So I'm on vacation right now in Florida and yes I'll be slacking on my posts cause the sun here is this magical thing I rarely get to see living in Canada. I also broke my middle nail a few weeks ago so I've had to slow down my reserve stash posts in order to catch up to myself once I can resume doing nail arts and swatches. Expect shorter nails when that happen though! In honor of this, here's a throwback to last year around this time when I had shorter nails (but also just less taken-care-of nails, worse photography, clean-up, etc.)! For what I've done in the past year to bring my nails to their usual better condition you're used to seeing on my blog, check out my Nail Care page.

There's no video since evidently I made these a year ago before I started making tutorials.

To create this I first did one coat of white creme polish, then hand painted the red and green stripes. Next, I applied one thin coat of a light ivory jelly polish over the stripes so that the colours appeared a bit milky, like a real candy cane! I finished the look with a couple added silver stripes.

Well, that was uneventful! Stay tuned for more nail arts and swatches with a twist in the new year. I appreciate your patience :)

Polishes used:
- Quo by Orly Instant Nail Artist 'Silver'
- Revlon 'Posh' (green creme)
- Essie 'Forever yummy' (red creme)
- Essie 'Adore-a-ball' (ivory jelly)
- Essie 'Blanc' (white creme)


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