Thursday, 12 March 2015

Glam Polish the White Witch Collection - oh so enchanting!

Glammmm gawwwgeousssss!!! I've got some highly anticipated swatches of the new Glam Polish the Cast a Spell Collection Part III collection! This collection was released March 4 I'm just slow af obviously :D But just turn your attention to these sparkling pastel holo shades packed full of holographic glitter and you'll completely forget that I'm sharing this way past the release date. Details on where to grab yours at the end of the post!

In Glam Polish's previous Cast a Spell Collections, the world of dark magic was explored. Part III "The White Witch Collection" is inspired by white magic, the use of supernatural powers or magic for good and selfless purposes.

Scroll down and don't miss some comparison pics with other Glam Polish's from other collections ;)

Glam Polish White Witch collection

How freakin' pretty, right?! It's like my 8 year old self's dream bedroom colours all lined up in one beautiful sparkly pastel rainbow!!! Wait no, I was a tomboy when I was 8... erm, never mind that. SOMEONE ELSE'S 8 YEAR OLD SELF'S DREAM BEDROOM!!

Now for some more swatch/bottle shot porn.

Glam Polish White Witch collection

Glam Polish White Witch collection

Glam Polish White Witch collection

Glam Polish White Witch collection

Glam Polish White Witch collection


Glam Polish White Witch collection

Glam Polish White Witch collection


Swatch conditions:

The entire collection is the same in formula - they all have multiple sizes of holographic glitter and dry with a textured finish. Add a glossy topcoat like I did for a smooth and shiny finish!


First up - Mystify! Described as a lemon holo glitter, I'd have to say it's a little more chartreuse/muted yellow leaning rather than a vivid or bright lemon (at least that's how I picture lemons when people walking all over my lawn to sell their lemonade). It's okay... but probably my least favourite of the collection. Crap, why'd I start with the worst one? Damn I thought I was going in the order of the rainbow.. DAMN U RAINBOW RUIN MY FLOW

This one took three thin coats with careful attention to placing the glitters evenly on the last coat.

Click to enlarge!

Hypnotize is a seafoam green colour - reminds me a lot of Arctic Freeze from another one of Glam Polish's collections (see bottom of this post for comparison), but of course with those varying holo glitters. This colour isn't my fav, not really a yellow-leaning green girl, but it applied nicely in three thin coats. The macro pic is a bit lighter than the colour in real life - this is what happens when there's just too much light and I'm rushing to get these finished in time for release... which I failed at anyways.

Ooooh, this is more my colour! Entrance is a true turquoise whimsical wonder. It's got the right tinge of blue for me, and it's not particularly dark like how I generally picture a 'teal'. It's got the perfect light airiness to it that emphasizes the whole 'white magic' theme of the collection! This is three thin coats.

A beautiful baby blue! Say haaayyy to Illusion. She's truly a world of whitecraft player or something, look at how she entrances and enchants you with her dreamy stare! This is three thin coats.

Spellbound is the happy medium between blue and purple for all those periwinkle lovers out there. But it's not your traditional 'blurple' blue-purple hybrid since it's a lot lighter than we'd expect. It's like the colour of a Land's End jacket I had back when I was 11! Just with holo glitters!! WHY DIDN'T MY CHILDHOOD HAVE MORE GLITTER IN IT, WHYYY

Mesmerize is the token purple of the collection. It's a soft lavender and oh so magical in three thin purdy coats!

I'm so charmed by Charmed! I'm not generally a pink polish lover (call me rebel) but this one is a slightly darker rose-toned pink and it doesn't look like pepto bismol at all!! Gorgeousness and this one actually only took two thin coats - winning!

This slightly more pepto bismol-coloured pink is Enchanted. Not really my kind of pink, it's sooo girly and cutesy, like just throw me some hair bows and butterfly clips and pink leopard knapsacks would ya??? This is also just two coats - for whatever reason I found the pinks the most opaque in this collection.

And finally, we've got Miraculous, the peach-like-hue to round out the White Witch collection. It could also been seen as coral, salmon, or whatever other colours out there describe a pinkish-orangish hue. It's pretty in the bottle, but not exactly complementary on my skin tone. I think however it would look BOMB with black in a badass contrasty mani!! #badassallthemanis

Overall I thought this collection was pretty unique and all the formulas were great to work with (which has always been my experience with Glam Polish)! The only thing missing that would have made me want to make a nail porno would be a WHITE GLITTER!! This is the WHITE Witch collection, amirite??!??! Just let me dream about how gorgeous a pure white sparkly holo beauty would truly be an enchanting little wonder.... LET ME DREAM.

Since the colours in this collection closely reminded me of some of Glam's other recent collection, here's some comparison shots!

Comparison of three polishes from this collection (top row) with three from the Dec 2014 Mid-Winter's Dream collection (3 bottom left) and one from the Fatal Attraction trio collection exclusive to the Hypnotic Polish store.

Comparison of four polishes from this collection (top row) with one from the Jan 2015 Glam Polish's Hairspray collection (far left, bottom), one from the Dec 2014 Mid-Winter's Dream collection (middle, bottom), and one vivid purple from the Nov 2014 Broadway collection (far right, bottom).

Comparison with a brighter yellow holo from Glam Polish's Jan 2015 Hairspray collection.

And of course a collage of my three accent nails. I used Cult Nails 'Tempest' white creme as a base and then swirl nail vinyls from Twinkled T to create the swirly design - obv had to so swirls for an enchanted-themed collection!

Watch the video tutorial on Instagram

Featuring swirl nail vinyls from Twinkled T

The official release date of this White Witch collection was March 4th 5pm EST (USA) from Shipping to Australia & USA shipping rates to USA are $3.50 USD for the first polish and an extra $1.00 for each additional polish direct from Glam Polish.  These aren't at Harlow & Co. that I can see as of right now, but for US and Canadian customers it may be worth checking to see if they will carry them!

*Polishes were provided by Glam Polish for my impartial review. Nail vinyls were provided by Twinkled T for my impartial review.


  1. There are gorgeous! I'm so adding these to my polishes to get list!

  2. I love everything about this post!! Impeccable swatches and FANTASTIC photos of these beautiful colors, and the color comparisons are super helpful-- clearly I just need ALL the Glams! :D Thank you for the thorough and comprehensive review of these, now I'm that much more stoked to get mine!!

  3. Magnificent colors, wonderful pictures. :)

  4. This collection has been my one splurge so far this year. Your photos are exquisite as always.

  5. OMGosh these polishes are GORGEOUS!!! Feel free to toss Hypnotize my direction since you don't like it LOL. I love it!!! Some of the colors look alike...or is it just my laptop?

  6. So Glam Polish is out of "A Teenage Prayer" I am in desperate need of this polish. Anyone know where I could find this on the nail polish black market?

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