Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Random simple blue gradient with iridescent topper

So I'm basically just posting this randomness I did back in October of 2014 now cause I wouldn't want to post two swatch sessions in a row, right!? I dunno why I never ended up posting this one, it basically just sat in my editing folder for the last 6 months and now it's so dusty it looks like it's sparkling!!


Nothing special I know, I just wanted to try out one of Color Club's new iridescent toppers form their Made in New York collection (this iridescent aqua topper's name is Lady Liberty).

Look how pretty that blue shimmer is over both the dark and light ends!


Pretty simple, hmm? If you're looking for tips on how to achieve a smooth gradient, what kind of sponge to use and so on, be sure to check out my Gradient Guide!

Polishes used:
- Color Club 'Lady Liberty' (aqua-blue iridescent)
- Essie 'Mint candy apple' (baby blue creme)
- Seche 'Wonderfully witty' (navy blue creme)

*Color Club polish was provided by Color Club for my impartial review.


  1. Simple but elegant, this is what I call! I loveeedd that shimmery top coat, looks like a pearl on your nails. And that double hand pose is just beautiful. Good job!


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