Saturday, 28 March 2015

Painted Polish: Multi-chrome flakies with HOLO

You knew this was coming - Painted Polish, the indie line known for their endless options of holo glitter polishes, has come out with a holo-glitter packed multi-chrome flakie... WATT. Say that again? I've got Part I right here right meow - make sure to watch @paintedpolishbylexi's Instagram feed for details on Part II! These three deadly shifty babies were actually released back on January 16th. Yes, and three months later, I swatch them, IKR. I am officially the worst blogger ever. Whatever just forget that and LOOK AT THE HOLO GLITTER N SHIFTY FLAKIES, LOOOOOOKKKKAHHHHH #shitnailartistssay

Together these three are known as the Femme Fatales collection Part I - and they are all in stock RIGHT NOW either together in a three-pack or as singles as of March 28th in Painted Polish's online shop.

Swatch conditions:

First up, Enchantress! She's a multi-chrome flakie polish packed with silver holographic glitter that shifts from blue to gold and green! Basically Ariel the holo glitter mermaid.

Next up is Temptress, and she's a slutty mofo indeed! This time she's multi-chrome flakie packed with GOLD holo glitter and her flakies shift between copper, gold and green with a flash of red. This is for the diva in you. If you are a world class diva, put this on yo nails, and be like to Beyonce oh betch pleassssee.

And finally I saved my fav for last, Seductress :O I don't even have words for this one. Pretty much my fav shade of magenta-purple ever flakies that shift from purple to pink to blue to gold-ish and AHHHH there's silver holo glitter in it too!

I used my new fav peel-off liquid latex barrier product to help me create both the accent nail and my swatch nails - cause sponging on flakies can be a bit of a mess to your cuticles! I applied Simply Peel on the skin all around my nail before sponging on the flakies and then just pulled it right up and there goes the mess with it! I will be posting a comprehensive review of Simply Peel as well as a bunch of other similar products (Liquid Palisade, Mess no More, Nail Veil, Elmer's glue, etc.) very soon, stay tuned ;)

Simply Peel for easy post-flakie sponging clean up!

Macro nail collage plus a close-up of the accent nail! Stay tuned for a tutorial on Instagram :)

How much do you luuuurrrveee these stupid awesome flakie-holo-glitter-rainbowy-magical-cluster-fack polishes??? And this is just Part I!!! I won't have Part II up unfortunately cause I'm the slowest/worst blogger ever, but MissBellaTracey will eventually with some great macro goodness and you can see some sneak peaks for the Part II on @paintedpolishbylexi's Instagram feed.

You can grab these three sexy slutty polishes from the Painted Polish shop, available right meow - she's also got free domestic shipping for a limited time only! Grab 'em while ya can!

*Polishes and nail vinyls were provided by Painted Polish for my impartial review. Simply Peel was provided by Nail Care HQ for my impartial review.


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