Tuesday 3 March 2015

Starrily flakies: Get excited for some flakie porn

... 'scuse me while I wipe my drool off the table, cause I've got 16 - yes that's SIXTEEN - epic new multi-chrome flakies to entice you with today. Starrily is a new brand to me, having never tried their products before, but let me tell you, my oh my was this was a great way to break my Starrily cherry. The two new collections, aptly titled 'Mythology flakies' and 'Heavenly holos', are both full of rich opaque multi-chrome flakies. Yes yes, we all already know 2015 is the year of the flakies and now more and more brands are coming out with them... but you know what I say: MOAR FLAKIES MOARRR!

Starrily - Heavenly holos swatches
Starrily - Heavenly Holos collection

Starrily - Mythology flakies swatches
Starrily - Mythology Flakies collection

How friggin' epic are these, right?!?! Okay lemme shut up - more collages!!! COLLLAGGGESSSS. Click to enlarge!

Starrily - Mythology flakies swatchesStarrily - Heavenly holos swatches
Regular flakies vs. holo versions

 Macros of this stupid awesome epicness!

Starrily - Heavenly holos swatchesStarrily - Heavenly holos swatches
Starrily - Heavenly Holos collection: 3 coats over a bare nail vs. 1 coat over a white creme base

Starrily - Mythology flakies swatchesStarrily - Mythology flakies swatches
Starrily - Mythology Flakies collection: 3 coats over a bare nail vs. 1 coat over a white creme base

Okay now some bottle porn!

How sweet are these chic boxes, amirite?!

Starrily - Heavenly holos
Starrily - Heavenly Holos collection

Starrily - Mythology flakies
Starrily - Mythology Flakies collection

Starrily - Mythology flakies Starrily - Heavenly holos

COLLAGE ALL THA FLAKIES! As you can see below, I've lined up each flakie with their non-holo and holo twin side by side so you can see the subtle difference between the two! Truth be told the difference is more obvious on the nail when you see the holo glow on an angle in the light ;)

Starrily - Mythology flakies vs. Heavenly holos

Starrily - Heavenly holos macro
Starrily - Heavenly Holos collection

Starrily - Mythology flakies swatches
Starrily - Mythology Flakies collection
Okay I suppose I should start talking about/showing you swatches... ermmmhmmm yesss....

Swatch conditions:
  • All shots were photographed indoors under 2x 5200k compact fluorescent bulbs, never with camera flash. 
  • I used UNT's new peel off base coat for easy removal after each swatch, and kept my cuticles nice and supple with my favourite cuticle and nail oil.
  • Each polish took 3 coats on all but the ring nail, with no coloured base coat (some sections were sponged on to ensure opacity when photographing macros).
  • The ring finger is one thin coat over 'Tempest' by Cult Nails, a white creme.
  • One coat of HK Girl glossy top coat by Glisten & Glow on all nails.

I'm not gonna go through a formula review for all 16 cause my fingers would be too tired from hitting ctrl+c followed by ctrl+v... all you need to know is that all of them were the same in formula, 3 carefully laid out coats of flakie goodness for maximum opacity! All these flakies are 100% opaque in terms of the actual flakie pieces, suspended in a clear base. You can use the makeup sponge trick towards the tips to fill in any holes if you're aiming to achieve the full coverage look like I did.

First up, Poseidon! This baby is a deep indigo blue multi-chrome flakie that shifts slightly to a royal purple. How striking over white, right?! 

Starrily - Poseidon

Click to enlarge!

Next, Poseidon's holo twin, Neptune! These are the exact same vivid indigo blue flakies as above, except with added micro gold holo hex glitters!

Starrily - Neptune

Here's Athena, a teal-leaning green that has quite the diversity in coloured flakies! There's hints of blue, green, yellow and even orange and pink in this multi-faceted baby!

Starrily - Athena

Holo twin = Mirvena! The gold holo glitters in this one really makes the warm undertones in the green pop. ARIEL IS DYING IN THE OCEAN SOMEWHERE RIGHT  NOW THIS IS SO PRETTY.

Starrily - Mirvena

Gorgeous Ares, a purple-pink dominant coloured flakie that shifts to a yellow-green! If you love both purple and pink and can never decide which one you like better (don't you hate that?!) then this polish is for you, it has BOTH.

Starrily - Ares

Mars, the prettier flakie twin in my opinion cause holo.

Starrily - Mars

 Helllllo Helios! This one's gone around the sun and back - an antique gold flakie that shows shifts of orange and green!

Starrily - Helios

 The sun is sparkling with holo in Sol!!

Starrily - Sol

Hades is a more purple version of Poseidon, with colour shifts to a burnt orange and a bit more variance in terms of the primary colours, with some flakies appearing orange, green, purple or blue at the same angle!

Starrily - Hades

Pluto is even moar gorgeous tho!! The holo is outta this world. Like Pluto. Cause Pluto really far away from Earth. Get it?

Starrily - Pluto

Oh mahhhh gawdddd, Zeus is one of the best colour-combo-shifty-epicness evaaaa! Look at that! Bright reddish-pink flakies on the dominant side and then a full shift through to yellow-green wonder. Ugh if only my car were these colours.

Starrily - Zeus

 And then there was Jupiter, its epic holo twin. I have words no more.

Starrily - Jupiter

Apollo is the most multi-coloured in terms of diversity of flakies packed into one polish. There's nearly all the colours of the rainbow in here! I spy purple, pink, green, blue, orange, yellow, green...!

Starrily - Apollo

Apollo Holo! Just as epic in terms of an orgy of flakie colours, but with holo! Unicorns are rolling in their graves.

Starrily - Apollo holo

I saved my fav colour combo for last... cause LOOK. Intense emerald green shifting through to teal, blue to royal purple?!? Ugh Hera is so pretty, it reaffirms that doing nails is a superpower.

Starrily - Hera

And finally, my absolute fav is the holo version (didn't see that comin'), say haaaayyy hooolllyyy faccckkk to Juno!! The gold holo glitters make this epic chromey-lizard-like polish even more super powered.

Starrily - Juno

Also, some flakie pornos cause I had to, obvi:

And whewwww your brains must be hurting from all that flakie porn mad orgyness going on here. To get some one-on-one time with your own Starrily flakies, you can get them directly from the Starrily shop (they ship internationally, but check their stockists too)!

Multi-chrome flakies are all the rage this year, you best get yours. My picks? All the holo ones, obv, specifically the super colour-shifty ones like Jupiter and Juno, ugh double JJ for the win!!

*Polishes were provided by Starrily for my impartial review. Swatch work was compensated.


  1. I am freaking out when I see so many awesome polishes. I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hera reaffirms that doing nails is a superpower, lol! I have been waiting for this post since I saw your beautiful nails on Starrily's website. Epic polishes! My fav is Mars but I want them all!

  3. Just one word: WOW! Amazing swatches and amazing polish. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Cristine, thanks for this awesome and probably time-consuming post! I haven't yet jumped on the flakies bandwagon... but it always takes me awhile to catch on to trends. I like seeing how all the bloggers make use of new polishes before I commit. =)