Saturday 12 December 2015

Elegant Christmas glitter jelly stamping

I did more stamping YAAASSS how proud of me are you right now? So proud, mom.

Uber Chic Beauty threw the well known Uber Mat my way along with some other goodies including plates, stampers, and glitter dust (we all know about my glitter crack addiction) and I gots to playing and this semi-Christmas-but-not-really design emerged!

I got a 10% off code for you too, from anything from their shop! Use code SIMPLY on anything from the Uber Chic Beauty for 10% off


(See also 15sec version on Instagram)

Products used in video (use code SIMPLY for 10% off all Uber Chic products!):

Uber Chic squishy stamper

How's that for fancayyyy? Definitely a first for me, but it's nice sometimes to dress up, like the awkward kid at the fancy country club brunch, you know?

You can find the stamping plates, stamper, and glitter dust I used for this look from Uber Chic Beauty's website and use my code SIMPLY for 10% off! They ship internationally!

*This campaign was sponsored by Uber Chic Beauty. All opinions, as always, are my own! For more information, please see my disclosure policy


  1. Love that peel off the Uber Mat!

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