Wednesday 5 November 2014

Edgy purple and black holo fishnet gradient combo

Nails can be sexy too okay. This mani is ready for a scandalous night on the town... either that or I couldn't decide between a reciprocal gradient or basic gradient with black overlay. Nail blogger problems, I suppose, but at least my nails are sexy. Featuring three glorious A England polishes - a very unique blend they are, their holos are more subtle but have oh so much depth - and fishnet nail shields from Love, Angeline.


I originally contemplated doing all nails a reciprocal gradient, but for whatever reason I told myself it might be too complicated and I was worried the gradient sponging would bleed through the fishnet nail shields from Love, Angeline seeing as the lines are quite thin - thinner than striping tape for sure. But to my pleasant surprise there was no bleeding whatsoever! By this point I had already done three nails with black overlay. Now I know for next time, that when something seems impossible, just try it anyway and worry about failing later :D

The reciprocal gradient accent nails turned out to be my fav! Do you agree?

A England polishes are just so gorgeous and captivating - I don't own any other holos this opaque or with such depth to them.

And of course featuring my favourite one-coater black creme, 'Nevermore' from Cult Nails. It never fails me!

Given the size of these nail shields I was able to use one 'shield' for two nails simply but cutting them in half down the middle.

Fishnet 'stuck on love' nail shields from Love, Angeline
(see also 15sec versions on Instagram here and here)

For general tips on gradients and nail vinyls including my favourite quick dry top coat and makeup sponges, check out my Gradient Guide!

Polishes used:
- A England 'Encore margot' (light lavender holo)
- A England 'Sleeping palace' (grey-purple holo)
- A England 'Fated prince' (grey holo)
- Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (black creme)

*Disclosure: Nail shields provided by Love, Angeline for my impartial review.


  1. This is just too awesome! Love your work.

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