Friday 21 November 2014

Insane holo glitter scaled gradient

I've combined two of the things I love most: holo glitter and elaborate gradients, notably the scaled gradient, and now I've officially gone insane. I've used three FUN Lacquer polishes from their 1st anniversary collection, some of which are newly available from Live Love Polish, a new nail polish retailer that features core must-have brands like China Glaze and Color Club, but now they're carrying an increasing number of brands like FUN Lacquer!! Very exciting news for you, but not for your significant other.


Ooh sparkly! I know, this is insane, and not for everyday wear, but nail art is ART for a reason, ya hear!!

What saves me from tears in doing these glitter gradient manis these days! This is Liquid Palisade, a liquid-to-solid barrier that protects your cuticle and skin while sponging on polish or glitter. Check it out in action in the video below!

(see also 15sec version on Instagram)

I also used half moon nail vinyls from to help me guide the two gradients. I didn't need to use top coat in between layers like I normally do (see my Gradient Guide for more on that) because the glitters dry rather raw in a sense and I just lightly applied the vinyl down to sponge on the second gradient and when I removed the vinyl it didn't pull up any glitter base. Score! This was a risk, but I'd tested it on my pinky first and it worked like a charm. Those vinyls have just the right amount of stick - they don't stick too hard to raw glitters which is good in this case! If you wanted them to stick well, you'd have to smooth out the glitters with a top coat. I waited until the nail art extravaganza was all finished before I added top coat. 

Polishes used:
- FUN Lacquer 'Secret' (turquoise holo glitters in clear jelly - see swatches and review of the collection here and shop FUN Lacquer here)
- FUN Lacquer 'Prima Donna' (light pink holo glitters in clear jelly)
- FUN Lacquer 'Million Dollar Dream' (gold holo glitters in clear jelly)

*Polishes were provided by FUN Lacquer to me for my review; Liquid Palisade was provided by Kiesque for my review; nail vinyls were provided by for my review.

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