Tuesday 4 March 2014

A plaid mani from the archives inspired by a Coach keychain

We are going to a take a trip back to ancient history.... to November of 2010 when I was just about as immature as my wimpy nub nails. Although dated (obviously), the plaid design is now nothing new and its novelty has worn off, however.... I swear to you that I had NOT ONCE seen a plaid mani before I painted my fingernails some four years ago. So, at the time I was original. How many times have you heard this before in the mani community?

Inspired by a Coach Poppy keychain that is sooooo 2010, clearly. It holds two photos. Guess what I put in them... my cat (I had just the orange one at the time)! Do I still have this appendage hanging on my car keychain today? You bet I do. Are my cats still inside? Duh.

Obviously no striping tape was used back in the olden days of retro nail art, only my semi-steady hands. And no explanation is required for the poor photography (let's just say my camera was immature, too).

Polishes used: I can't 100% say that these are the polishes I used, but let's say there's an 85% probability that these are them :|
- Quo by Orly skinny striper polish in White
- Kiss skinny striper polish in 'Bikini pink'
- China Glaze 'Shocking pink (neon)
- China Glaze 'Tempest'
- Essie 'Boom boom room'
- Essie 'DJ play that song'
- Kiss skinny striper polish in silver glitter

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