Sunday 16 March 2014

Neutral triangle over soft neon gradient

So last week's post was a simple soft neon gradient. I say simple because gradient is such an old trick in the nail blogger's book these days, and I say soft neon because I mean neon in the bright saturated sense, but soft because the colours are almost like muted pastels, but still very much neons because they're like BAM IN YOUR FACE. 

I saw this design done by McKenna's nails on instagram (I don't believe she has a blog, but please let me know if I'm mistaken) and I just about died of nail polish design happiness. It was an absolute must-re-create because of its simplicity yet stunning BAM IN YOUR FACE effect, like I already explained in the paragraph above. Oh and it's reminiscent of a spring that's just not happening yet.

First off here's my version with the nailspiration:

I chose to use slightly different pastel neons (decided to go a bit more lime and a bit less blue) and flipped the triangle design. Both mine and McKenna's manis are mattified here.

And here's my original rendition, with shiny top coat which brings out the neon a bit more:

Here's the mani with a matte topcoat again. I think I prefer it matte. It just works so well with the warm nude offsetting the soft neons... la la la obviously you agree with me. The matte version was a lot harder to photograph. The photos would only show contrast between the neons and the nude sides when my nails were under serious shade.

MMmm springtime manis, mmmm yeah!

Polishes used:
- OPI 'My vampire is buff' (the best neutral ivory ever)
- Sephora X 'Over the top' (soft cool lime green)
- Charlotte Russe 'Pastel SP09 NAI' (mystery sweet minty polish with pearlescent pink shimmer - see my previous post for my rant on how sad I am that I cannot source this polish anywhere on the inter webs)
- Nails inc. 'Chelsea physic garden' (baby blue)
- Seche White (undercoat, not pictured)


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