Thursday 20 March 2014

Spring fever nail art collab

Woohoo I'm actually now part of the mani community! Well, this one anyway. I participated in in a spring-themed nail art collaboration on Instagram hosted by the lovely Amber from Nails Like Lace and Heather from Peace, Love, and Polish. The theme was spring fever because, well, elsewhere in the world outside of Canada it's spring (i.e., there's birds chirping, the grass is green, and sun exists).

Here's the final product with 47 manis total!

Where's mine, you ask?! Time to play eye-spy... now here's my close up :)

This mani is the product of a four-colour pastel neon gradient (using a make-up sponge) topped with some Ozotic white shimmer sugar on to make it sparkly OOH SPARKLY. Next, using a small paintbrush, I added some floral-inspired swipes using the looping effect technique (and a little greenery in there for kicks). The sugar on top is hard to capture in the photographs, it's way more reflective than it appears. It's so beautiful sometimes I think I want to eat it. Nom nom nom.

OK "spring", I've posted my spring mani and so has a chunk of the mani community, so you can come out now!

Polishes used:
Pastel base:
- China Glaze 'Peachy keen' (peach)
- Sephora X 'Over the top' (neon green)
- Nails inc. 'Chelsea physic garden' (baby blue)
- Quo by Orly 'Lilac lust' (light purple)
- Seche White (undercoat)
- Ozotic '908 Beam' (white sugar topper)
Floral loops:
- A England 'Saint george' (turquoise-green)
- A England 'Briarwood' (reddish brown)
- A England 'Rose briar' (bright pink)
- A England 'Her rose adagio' (soft pink)

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