Sunday 2 March 2014

An attempt at tribal nail art

Here's a popular design in the nail art community - tribal nails! There's many different takes on tribal nail art and it gives nailartaholics a lot of room to be creative and make it their own. There's so many talented ladies out there who have taken one (or way more) stabs at tribal nail art. Some that stick out to me include Polished NZ, Andreitus Nails, Nailaholic, Wondrously Polished and Knailart!

This was my first attempt at tribal nail art, done in August of 2013. Definitely not the best photography (natural light would have been ideal to capture the glitters and the polish colour contrast), but that just means I'll have to do them again soontime :)

Polishes used:
- L.A. Colors Art Deco skinny striper polish in black
- China Glaze 'Classic camel' (tan with a hint of gold shimmer)
- Nails inc. 'St. martin's lane' (another one of my favs, clearly - dark magenta)
- Essence '02 amazing bling bling' pack of gold nail glitters (used the diamond-shaped ones)

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