Saturday 15 March 2014

Soft neon gradient and a long lost mystery polish

It's gradient time with one of three new polishes that somehow ended up coming home with me last weekend... oops. But it was one of Sephora X's new line of polishes... and it was the most perfect lime green it's like how could you expect me to NOT bring this polish home to play with my other polish babies in my collection??? Also featured is this really rare Charlotte Russe polish that I must have acquired over 10 years ago but despite my extensive searching I have been unable to find it online! It's possible that it was a thing for a brief time only and came before the internet as we know it today become so prolific and before "swatching" was a thing . Yes, I'm that old. I blabber on more about this mystery polish below!

This simple gradient (using a makeup sponge technique) is actually step one of two... you'll have to stay tuned to see what I ended up doing to it. Can't. leave. simple. mani. alone.....

Polishes used:
- Sephora X 'Over the top' (soft cool lime green)
- Charlotte Russe 'Pastel SP09 NAI' (this mysterious polish has no other name than this... why are the best magical polishes always so elusive?!)
- Nails inc. 'Chelsea physic garden' (baby blue)
- Seche White (for undercoat, not pictured)

So this mysterious Charlotte Russe polish is SO DAMN PRETTY because it's the perfect sweet mint with a hint of pink pearlescent shimmer. I have seen some mint shimmers before but not one quite like this. Know that my photography does not do this polish justice. You also can't see the flecks of pearl shimmer in the gradient shots, either. If the sun was a thing in Canada this polish would be better shown off in the bottle or as a mani on its own with some real rays reflecting off those perfect pinkish/purple flecks.... ahhhh breathtaking. If anyone can figure out what the hell this polish is actually called or who on earth may have real swatches of it online.... or any dupes that are the same in colour to this polish I will forever be your slave.

I almost forgot I owned this polish, but now that I remembered that I do, I plan on giving this polish more of a leading role in a future mani :)

Dear Charlotte Russe polish: Why are you so pretty yet I can't find you anywhere????

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  1. Oh gosh, that's gorgeous. I have no idea what it is, but it reminds me of Sinful Colors Cinderella. That one's a lot more blue than mint, though, and I think the shimmer flecks are bigger. I bet you could get an indie polish maker to try and recreate it... :)