Friday 8 August 2014

Giveaway! Homemade holos and snowy glitter stunner

Here's a bit of an unusual post for me: A fellow nail artist on Instagram, Tracey of @missbellatracey is hosting a giveaway in celebration of reaching 5k followers and is including four homemade polishes as part of the prize! Now she isn't a 'polish maker' per se, but rather just comes up with concoctions in her basement and sells a few to some colleagues at work and the like. Well I don't know if she has a basement, but that's how I'm picturing it. Before you start drooling over these swatch photos, I have to sadly inform you that you can't exactly buy them anywhere, but you can win them if you enter her giveaway! Alternatively you could just hassle Tracey on Instagram and demand that she sell some and ship them to you. That might work too.

Can I just say that these were the polishes that I thought would never arrive? Tracey mailed them to me weeks ago (we only live maybe 6 hours away, in the same Canadian province) and it took weeks to get here. What is up with that, Canada post?! We were convinced that they'd been lost in the mail or stolen by some mail lady polish fiend.

There aren't any names for these gorgeous mini wonders in a bottle, so I'll be boring and call them by their colour. All pics were taken indoors under two 5200k daylight simulator CFL bulbs, no camera flash. All polishes topped with generic Sally Hansen glossy top coat.

Pink: A creamy sheer lipstick pink that applied evenly in just two coats. There's scattered holo particles throughout, so dreamy! Pink isn't my fav colour in the world (okay, it's among my least favourite), but this one at least didn't make me want to barf. Win?

Blue: Oh so vibrant! This one was a pleasant surprise, it's like a periwinkle cobalt blue. Maybe more like a bright azure blue? I don't know my colour names. This is just two coats, the first thin and the second a bit thicker. Scattered holo tiny glitters throughout.

Teal: My fav. Cause I just love teal, obviously. This one took three thin coats and I found it was a teensy bit more holo-concentrated, which I'm definitely not complaining about! Love this colour and the mini sparklies.

And my FAV, obviously, is the iridescent glitter topper in a clear base! This is two generous coats. Note, however, that this topper is slightly different that the one in Tracey's giveaway - the one pictured here is more pink/purple whereas the one included in the giveaway is more blue/green leaning.

I mean, LOOK AT THEM. Look at them go, changing colours and shit, on a white base vs. a black base! On a white nail they shift from orange-pink-purple and on a black nail they shift from orange-green-blue. Sometimes the entire rainbow can be seen! Unicorns are shitting everywhere.

How awesome would this glitter be in a sparkly snow mani? Now that's the kind of white Christmas I'd want. GLITTAHS EVERYWHERE.

My brain is hurting with attempting to grasp what these might look like over different colours. A rainbow gradient?! I'm dead.

Don't forget that you can also win my fav one-coater black creme - Cult Nails 'Nevermore' - in Nail Polish Canada's massive giveaway - enter on this page!

A bonus macro bottle shot. TRUE LOVE.

Here's all the cute polish babies you could win in Tracey's giveaway:

And a quick shot of the three polishes I used for the basic iridescent-glitter-only nail art:
- @missbellatracey iridescent glitter (no name glitter topper)
- Cult Nails 'Tempest' (white creme)
- Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (black creme - win this here!)

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