Friday 29 August 2014

Teal for Pshiiit: Turquoise holo gradient with swirls and glitters

Photoshop fun today in honour of Camille from Pshiiit who recently reached 200k followers on Instagram! Camille is hosting a contest with the theme 'Teal for Pshiiit' and the rules are to post a pic inspired by the colour teal. It doesn't have to be nails, but to be creative. Evidently I still stuck with the nails theme, but I tried my best to get creative with my prop setup (an ode to French nail blogger flawlessness, really) and by exercising my ancient Photoshop editing skills leaving only teal colouring behind and super imposing a pic I took of custom made turquoise glitters @missbellatracey gave to me behind Pshiiit's official blog logo. How'd I do???

My entry into Pshiiit's 200k giveaway contest on Instagram - see other entries here

The polishes featured in this teal holo gradient number are none other than ILNP holo's, including the darker teal 'Fall Semester' which is from their 2014 fall collection (stay tuned for swatches!). I painted on the random swirls with a Chinese sumi brush I got from Karen aka @sharingvu on Instagram. Check out this tutorial for my tips on how to get the best stroke results with these brushes (and most other brushes!).

In the spirit of being fancy like all them French nail bloggeuses, here's some more pics of my attempt at being fancy with all them props and stuff!

My sequin clothes from back in my cool days actually come in handy again! Hurray for recycled slutty sequined outfits!

And back to the usual order of photography pour moi:

How pretty is this turquoise holo glitter?!? Tracey from @missbellatracey made it especially for me cause I'm a turquoise and holo and glitter freak.

She made me this iridescent white one too!! Check out full swatches here.

ILNP Fall Semester (new 2014 fall collection), Rehab (2014 summer collection), and Music Box.

Spot both glitters!


The brush I'm using is a Chinese sumi brush from Karen of @sharingvu on Instagram. Here's a pic of the brushes she sells. Check out this tutorial for how to maximize the fluidity your brush strokes and for some tips on post-clean up brush care.

Polishes used:
- ILNP 'Fall Semester' (dark teal holo - stay tuned for swatches!)
- ILNP 'Rehab' (teal-green holo)
- ILNP 'Music box' (soft turquoise holo)
- Custom turquoise holo glitter from @missbellatracey
- Custom iridescent glitter from @missbellatracey
- Black acrylic paint from local craft store

*Disclosure: ILNP polishes were provided to me by ILNP. Custom holo/iridescent glitters were provided to me by @missbellatracey


  1. Waow love your mani! And congratulations Pshiiit!

    1. Thank you so much!! I hope she likes it too :D