Monday 18 August 2014

Wavy blue holo triple scaled gradient

It's been a while since I've done a triple scaled gradient, mostly cause they're tricky and time consuming and I've been lazy. In any case I got some new A England holo beauties and the combination of their gorgeous deep blues had me inspired to create this triple scaled gradient with wave nail vinyls as the gradient divider. Ahhh like a swim in the deep ocean, so refreshing!


The last time I did a triple scaled gradient I was super happy with the turnout - the mermaid-esque teal scaled gradients smoothed out so nicely. However I only use two polishes for each gradient, so it's evidently easy enough to blend two polishes into one gradient. The case is the same for the first triple scaled gradient I ever did using chevron nail vinyls.

I decided I would try and up my game a bit more by doing a triple scaled gradient blue blending THREE polishes in each gradient. This is more challenging because you only have so much space to blend, and the more polishes you work with, the trickier. This is also explained in my Gradient Guide.

I thought I'd change it up a little with a glitter placement accent nail cause I clearly have no life and spend all my free time doing the most time consuming of all nail arts. The blue hex glitters are from Born Pretty Store - you can get 10% your order of anything from this site with my code (SIMX31).

Playing with the lighting shows off the blue hues in different ways. Why are all blue manis so difficult to photograph?!

My new fav A England polish - Dancing with Nureyev - the medium blue holo used in the middle of each gradient.

I'm no Laura from Polish All the Nails, so please don't look too closely at this macro of my poor glitter placement skills. I got annoyed pretty quickly.

I used 'micro wave' nail vinyls from Up Your Nail as the gradient divider. Ocean, yes!

Couldn't achieve this triple scaled gradient madness without my one and only trusted quick drying topcoat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.


Instead of detailing all the steps taken here, please see my Gradient Guide which explains the basics of gradients and of scaled gradients in particular at the end of the page. 

Polishes used:
- A England 'Tristam' (dark blue holo)
- A England 'Dancing with Nureyev' (medium blue holo)
- A England 'Encore Margot' (silver holo)
- Blue hex glitters from Born Pretty Store


  1. wonderful :) I found already my Top Coat is a super Salon Perfect Top Coat. Dries in 3-4min. And I question whether the cross, the color can be done also with straight stripes?

  2. The colors, the gradients, the glitter all together is absolutely mesmerizing!

  3. sublime, et bravo pour le choix des couleurs