Saturday 9 August 2014

Neon holo jelly skittle over black to white gradient

A couple weeks ago I swatched and reviewed six new neon jelly holo polishes from Beyond the Nail's summer galaxy collection. Here I have five of the six used in a multi-coloured skittle over a black to white base gradient. I got this idea when I tried their pink holo jelly over a clear to black gradient. Unfortunately this jelly over a white-to-black-gradient didn't turn out as I thought it might in my head. Looking back I should have used two coats of the jellies (I used only one) because it looks a little streaky over the white ends of the nail. I opted for just one coat because I find doing two or more coats over the black dilutes that dark contrast I wanted to preserve. And these jellies are so perfect over black, amirite?!

There is no video tutorial for this one because I was in my fast-paced experimentation zone. It's essentially the same as the clear to black gradient video tutorial, except just do a white to black base gradient. There's a pic of this step below.

See the streaks in the middle of the nail? That's from the blue jelly dragging the black-to-grey part of the gradient. I didn't let the base gradient dry long enough. That and I'm just using one thin coat of jelly here, so you are bound to see some uneveness as is the case with any jelly polish.

I snapped a pic of my base gradient (pre-cleanup, clearly) before I applied one thin coat of the jellies:
iPhone 5s pic: Mani in progress
And here's a shot I took in direct sunlight on the way home from work (yes, I wore these to work, heehee!). The sun really brings out the holo in the polishes in a way my indoor studio setup can't.
iPhone 5s pic: Mani in direct sunlight
 I did do both hands but didn't get a good, clear and non-blurry pic of both of them. Stupid self-timer!

So while this wasn't a complete nail fail, it was an experiment worth trying. These polishes are so versatile that there's not enough hours in the day (or days in the week) for me to try all the possibilities I want to!! Someone pay me to quit my full time job, mmk?

Polishes used:
- Beyond the Nail 'Comet' (green holo jelly - for swatches of all BTN polishes alone see here)
- Beyond the Nail 'Asteroid' (blue holo jelly)
- Beyond the Nail 'Nebula' (purple holo jelly)
- Beyond the Nail 'Solar flare' (orange holo jelly)
- Beyond the Nail 'Shooting star' (yellow holo jelly)
- Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (my fav black creme - you could win this in a massive giveaway here)
- Essie 'Power clutch' (grey creme)
- Sephora Formula X 'Extraordinary' (light grey creme)
- Pure Ice 'Superstar' (white creme)


  1. Gorgeous ! I love the idea to layer jelly over a b&w gradient, neat idea :)

    1. Thanks so much!! Yeah over the white 2 coats of jelly would be ideal but over the black just 1. Compromises, compromises :D