Saturday 21 June 2014

10k Giveaway!

I'm hosting my first giveaway on Instagram (IG) to celebrate reaching 10,000 followers - who paid all you guys to follow my nail art, my kitties, and other random shenanigans?!

Anyway, to give back to the good people of IG there's a ton of cool nail polish items you can win! You must have a user profile on IG to participate, as an 'entry' is counted if you repost the giveaway photo and use the appropriate hashtag. Note that your IG account must be public on the last day of the giveaway to enter. Read all about the rules, prizes and deadlines below!

As per IG caption:

Shots shots shots! Let's celebrate 10k! Or... how about just a giveaway instead? INTERNATIONAL cause I get so sad when giveaways say "USA only" and then I'm like well FU!!  
To enter: Repost this photo, tag @simplynailogical in the CAPTION NOT the photo (if you tag me in the photo you're out), and hashtag #simplynailogical10k 
- Entries accepted until July 18, 2014 at 5:00PM EST. 
➡️WINNER GETS all brand new: 
- My fav make-up sponges for doing gradients 
- 3 #nailvinyls sheets from @teismom which I use all the time for my crazy #scaledgradient manis
- #quobyorly Canadian brand polishes 'heatwave' 'overboard' 'purple magic' and 5 striper polishes - I use them all the time for #loopingeffectmani so you don't have to dirty a paint brush! 
- Original @sally_hansen #pacificblue which may be the last you see of this polish EVER #savepacificblue 
@lorealparisusa 'spot me'
@opi_products #opivesper a #opiliquidsandpolish plus glitter #opilightsofemeraldcity
@nailsinc #nailsincfeathers in 'cornwall' and 'brighton'
- AND 2 signed photos from my kitties, Menchie & Zyler! Their heads are getting a little big with all this #catsandnails Instagram attention, but I promised them I'd disseminate their autographs cause they are convinced they're going to be famous. 
1⃣ Must be following me. If you unfollow me after the giveaway, I probably won't block you cause I'm lazy, but I will hate you 
2⃣ Repost this photo only ONCE 
3⃣ No giveaway accounts 
4⃣ Must be 18 years of age or provide parental permission via photo and signed note upon winning (no forgery! Remember that I majored in Criminology and I WILL expose your lies!) 
5⃣ 1 winner will be chosen by my kitties. Just kidding, they will be chosen via random number generation ( I will not be assigning numbers 
6⃣ If shipping over $15CAD then winner will be responsible for paying me the balance 
7⃣ Winner responsible for any international duties/customs if incurred, though I will be marking the package as a gift 
8⃣ If you follow all the rules, your entry will be counted as valid. 
Good luck! #nailgiveaway #giveaway #nailaccountgiveaway


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