Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Chocolate rosettes

Further to yesterday's boring ass striped nails post, I have something more appealing for you that is actually not really my thing: Florals. I don't know why, but I've never been into the stereotypical feminine nail designs (funny, cause nails art alone is gendered feminine), and by that I mean things like flowers, leopard print, paisley, hearts, butterflies..... ugh. *shudder*. Honestly, I can't stand that shit. But that doesn't mean I don't love it on other talented nail artists!

Earlier this month I surprised Margaret of @m_a_tom on Instagram with a mani swap and I chose her floral, stripes, and dotted nail design in part to challenge myself and step outself of my comfort zone in modern/abstract nail art design. Nearly immediately after, in early June, I decided I wanted to tackle the rosette mani again, and used her striped background as my base, just changing the colour scheme to brown.

I used straight nail vinyls to create the striped base. I began my little random rosette's by adding dots of brown holo polish and little leaves of dark green holo polish (although you can't really tell in this lighting that either is holo). I then mixed up some varations of brown, creme and green acrylic paint to accent/outline the rosettes and the leaves. I was using a crappy not-so-thin craft store brush at the time, hence the lack of fine detail in the rosettes. So then this happened. I guess I'm okay with it because it's brown... looks like chocolate roses maybe? Nom nom nom.

And yes, I did both hands and wore this to the office :)

Polishes used:
- Orly 'Pointe blanche' (white)
- Zoya 'Flynn' (tan creme)
- Cirque 'Mink' (brown holo)
- A England 'Saint George' (dark green holo)
- Acrylic paints (white, golden brown, brown, green, and mixed variations)


  1. The flowers look so amazing on does stripes and the contrast between the colors make this mani very special!

  2. Thanks Andrea! Glad you like the colours :)

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