Friday, 13 June 2014

Mani swap with Ana of Magnifique Nails!

Hi friends! Today I am super estatic to present to you a mani swap with Ana of Magnifique Nails! I first annoyed Ana with the idea of this a month or two ago and quickly realized I needed to learn some nail blogger etiquette: Don't randomly ask people to do a mani swap if you have never talked to them in your life and you are potentially a crazy stalker. I had been following Ana's blog for a while but what struck me enough to reach out to her was not just her creative nail designs, but also the way she wrote on her blog. I really appreciate it when the individual behind the blog has a way of writing that clearly says I AM MORE THAN JUST A NAIL ART BABY MAKING MACHINE. It was clear to me that Ana wrote in a sophisticated sense and this had me wondering what she's all about!

Ana and I laughed over my noobness and got to know each other better over the last month, chatting about our fav designs, techniques, and some good 'ol nail blogger gossip. I was thrilled when she mentioned she was itching to re-create my Paris sunset nails. That meant I had to pick one of the million and a half designs of hers to re-create - this proved difficult. I settled on a unique patterened mani that Ana's genius came up with because a) it looked like it should be a pattern walking down the runway, and b) it is a design of hers that to my knowledge hasn't already been replicated as a part another mani swap with various talented nail artists. 

How AMAZING is Ana's version of my Paris nails?! I'm in awe of how exactly on point her re-creation is, I mean, seriously, it looks like the exact same silhouette! (*shocked cat emoji*) I, on the other hand, did not do her design 100% justice as my black lines are much thicker. I'm going to blame that on my lack of proper brush tools at the time I was doing this mani. The brush I previously used to do the Paris nails was a cut-down craft store brush which has since gone to the garbage to RIP. So, I was stuck using a non-cut down brush that was the thinnest the craft store had. #nailartistproblems

Ana has a cute pictorial on how to do this mani - check it out!

Here's my solo shot:

After I processed these pics I also realized how ridiculously long my nails are getting... I have since filed them down for reasons unrelated to breaking for the first time IN MY LIFE. I credit Bliss Kiss nail oil for this and OPI's nail envy (but the latter I only use once a month at most, it's really mostly Bliss Kiss' godly doing). Some of my earlier results are here and here but a comprehensive nail care routine post is due soon!

I just love this mani! So chic and eye-catching and I although I know nothing about fashion or runway trends, this looks like something that came off some high-fashion but wearable garmet show (is that a thing?). Thank you so much Ana, for doing this mani swap with me! It was a great pleasure and I'm sure our nails and creativity will meet again in future projects :)

Polishes used:
- Quo by Orly 'Filthy rich' (metallic gold)
- Ceramic Glaze 'Tropical guava' (neon pink)
- Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (black)
- Orly 'Pointe blanche' (white)
- Black acrylic paint


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