Wednesday 11 June 2014

Father's Day finish line

Nailpolis is hosting a nail art contest with a Father's Day theme and obviously I had to participate. I quickly browsed through some of the submitted designs and saw a lot of ties, mustaches, button-up dress shirts, and I thought to myself: yes, that would have been my first thought too, but... I just had to go with something different.

What is special about your dad that separates him from the traditional understandings of Father's Day symbolism? For me, it's racing and Formula 1. Growing up my dad was always watching the F1 or Indy 500 races, he'd save them on VHS back in the day (now you know I'm old) and then watch them all weekend long. I also somewhat grew up in the car industry myself, having helped out at his auto body shop when I was younger and later working in a specialty Porsche tuning/mechanic shop. From acting as a child to working in car shops to reporting on criminal statistics.... Yes, I have quite the interesting career path. Back to the reason behind this design, a racing-themed mani came pretty naturally for this Father's Day themed mani.

Let's go through each nail so everyone is clear what the hell they all mean:
  • Thumb: Trophy with F1 
  • Pointer: #1 sign cause, Dad is #1 
  • Middle: Four interlocking symbols is the Audi symbol, a car make my dad loves, particularily the R8 (one day it shall be mine)
  • Ring: A checkered flag, I'm really hoping everyone knows what this means
  • Pinky: Dad, who is #1, ha

Everything was freehanded here except the stripes on the middle and thumb nail, where I used striping tape to make clean edges. The checkered flag was guided by striping tape at first but then I got annoyed and filled in a couple sides of the squares with my new detailer brush, which is from Stylishnailartshop. The detailer brush is pictured below. I used it for the inner lines of the text as well and for the Audi rings.

Lighting: Indirect sunlight
While you guys are still reading, if you feel like giving me some feedback in a comment below on what you think of the quality of these photos that'd be great. I took some of the pics in indirect sunlight (outdoor, shade) and some indoors using two 5200k CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs. I'm trying to decide which light source is better. I've indicated what conditions each photo was taken under in the captions so you can decide for yourself.

Lighting: Indirect sunlight
Lighting: Indirect sunlight
Pictured: Pure Color No. 10 detailer brush from Stylishnailartshop

Lighting: Indoor with CFL bulbs
Lighting: Indoor with CFL bulbs

Lighting: Indoor with CFL bulbs
Polishes used:
- Essie 'Forever yummy' (red creme)
- Quo by Orly 'Filthy rich' (metallic gold)
- Pure Ice 'Show stopper' (yellow creme)
- Pure Ice 'Superstar' (white creme)
- Acrylic paints


  1. I keep my fingers crossed for you for this contest. The idea is brilliant and it is very well painted. I didn't had any good ideas for this theme, so I am not going to participate this time.
    I shared your blog at my polish addict group, because your beautiful nails must be seen from everybody! :)

    1. Why thank you Andrea! I hope the uniqueness of it gives me a leg up too. It's true, Nailpolis hosts many contests and has many badges and while sometimes I don't feel particularily inspired, when you do, you gotta roll with it! You have a polish addict group? Like a real life nail polish addicts anonymous? Haha, aren't we all. Thanks so much for the love Andrea! :)

    2. Yes, here in Romania we have a Polish Addict Group, like an AAA one, we share all the polishes that we buy and spend a lot of money on them and of course new nail art techniques too. It's a fun group, we made a lot of friendships this way!

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