Saturday, 7 June 2014

Hawaiian-themed nails over scaled gradient

Further to my last post about a neon chevron scaled gradient, this was what my mani turned into.

Loaded Lacquer has a contest going on on Instagram (but pretty sure it ends tomorrow) for the launch of their new line, inspired by hula girls and everything else Hawaiian-esque. I decided I would lay on some white silhouette hibiscus style flowers, add a tiny bit of glitter, and bam, Hawaiian-themed nail art!

You can check out a quick video tutorial with some tips on how to achieve the chevron scaled gradient base of this mani, in my last post. As for the white floral outlines, those were freehanded with a small craft store brush and white acrylic paint (sorry, no tutorial on that). I added a couple dabs of blue jelly and pink jelly glitters inside the flowers, just for fun. Loaded Lacquer is known for their glitters and their jelly polishes, and even though I don't own any (I wish), I thought this served as semi-tribute to their brand. Clearly these Sally Hansen glitter jellies are pathetic in comparison... you can barely even see them. All the more reason for me to win the contest.

Polishes used:
- Essie 'I'm addicted' (neon aqua creme)
- China Glaze 'At vase value' (pale aqua neon creme)
- Finger Paints 'Pop star purple' (neon magenta-purple creme)
- China Glaze 'Shocking pink (neon)' (neon light pink creme)
- Sally Hansen Triple Shine 'Sparks fly' (blue jelly with silver glitters)
- Sally Hansen Maximum Growth 'Glitter clear' (nothing clear about this... pinkish jelly with iridescent glitters)
- White acrylic paint


  1. the print has made it much fresher! wonderful mani!)) and very elegant

    1. Why thank you! I thought it might be a lot going on in one mani (kind of dizzying!) but thank you for the kind words :)

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