Saturday, 21 June 2014

Forest silhouette over pink and purple cloudy sunset

Further to yesterday's post of an ad hoc pink and purple cloudy sunset thing, here's the actual finished mani. I was inspired by a photograph taken by my friend. She used real film photography (ancient, I know) to process the film. I just loved the rich pinks and purples in the cloudy sky above the forest treeline.

I described what I did to create the cloudy background in yesterday's post, but to recap: 
I did a regular make-up sponge gradient with two Essie colours, then sponged on one Charlotte Russe polish to outline the clouds but with a seafoam sponge, then proceeded to sponge on mixed acrylic paints in various tones of pink, purple and red in a random and irregular manner with the same seafoam sponge. I painted the treeline with black acrylic paint and a super crappy cut-down craft store brush that was fraying, although this probably worked for this mani because the tips of the tree branches are naturally frayed-looking anyways. A rare occasion where a shitty paint brush actually works.

Full photo inspiration shot:

Polishes used:
- Charlotte Russe - has no name!
- Essie 'Boom boom room' (bubblegum pink creme)
- Essie 'DJ play that song' (purple orchid creme)
- Acrylic paints (purple, red, black, white not pictured)


  1. WOW Christine! These look absolutely amazing!!

  2. it's a fantastic idea and the mani looks amazing!

    1. Thank you! Happy it turned out the way it did! It was literally random sponging!

  3. Wow, how did I miss this one?! The colors are mind blowing like the hole design!

    1. Thank you!! I wouldn't have been able to dream up these colours myself if it weren't for that photo :)