Friday, 20 June 2014

Pink and purple clouds

I feel like it's been forever since I did an actual nail art post... a whole three days ago! Anyway, I did this mani last month. I was inspired by a photograph taken by a friend that has been hanging in my bedroom for some time. I really loved the colours in the photograph, but since this is a two-part post, you'll see my inspiration for this mani in tomorrow's post so I don't spoil what came next over top of this pink cloudy-esque gradient.

To do this mani I first did a gradient with the Essie pink and purple you see in the shots. I then sponged on a random pink Charlotte Russe polish towards the tips. Next, I got a little wild and took an arts and crafts 'sea sponge' meant for random-effect sponging, and sponged on, in basically a random order, various mixed acrylic paints. Using acrylic paints allowed me to change alter the colour darker, lighter, more purple, or more red far easier than if using nail polish. I didn't make a tutorial for this at the time, and it's very unlikely that if I tried to make one now that it would look the same as this... i.e., I have no idea what I did.

Check out my cute 'lil random nubbins on my cinderella hand:

Here's a tiny glimpse of the photograph that inspired my mani. You'll see it all tomorrow!

Polishes used:
- Charlotte Russe - has no name!
- Essie 'Boom boom room' (bubblegum pink creme)
- Essie 'DJ play that song' (purple orchid creme)
- Acrylic paints (purple, red, white not pictured)


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