Thursday, 10 July 2014

Eos lip balm: Bestie twin nails

This #bestietwinnails idea pretty much happened by accident when Tracey of @missbellatracey on Instagram and I were chatting up our usual crazy. I think it went something like this: Tracey sending me what seemed like countless pics of her new Eos lip balms and me being like I like the colours of those flavours. That's pretty much why I bought mine too, cause the colours were soooo pretty.

And so, this simple thick Eos-colour inspired ruffian mani was born:

As is generally the case with neons, my camera can't get the colours quite right. All I know is that the neon reddish with a hint of pink Eos balm is 'summer fruit', and the bleached neon green is 'honeysuckle honey dew' if that orients your colour understanding any better.

To do this mani I painted all my nails with a base coat of white, then two coats of the green since it's the lightest colour of the bunch. I painted the neon reddish-pink polish last, which was a bit of a challenge on three of the nails where I had to do the base ruffian. I used hole reinforcement stickers to guide the ruffian on those nails, which aren't the best at yielding clean lines, but it's all I had at that time. So deal with it!

Trying to adjust the colour for accuracy of the polish ends up distorting the accurate colour of my skin... what's more important? Haha.

Which is your fav Eos lip balm flavour, honeydew or summer fruit? I'd have to say honeydew. Nom nom nom.

Polishes used:
- Orly 'Hot shot' (neon reddish-pink creme)
- Formula X by Sephora 'Over the top' (bleached neon green creme)

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  1. Your color combination is more brighter and that's why I like it better, but both of your nails are awesome. I like the inspiration objects :)