Sunday, 20 July 2014

Looping effect over iridescent teal

Found this one in my unpublished folder, looks like I did it in May. In any case, I'd bought KB Shimmer 'Teal Another Tale' because, well, it's teal, and it's sparkly, and even shifty. So pretty that I didn't want to interfere with its magical colour properties so all I did was add a simple white looping effect freehand design, some dots, and swarovski flatback studs for extra bling (picked them up at my local craft store).

No video tutorial for these, but you can check out a tutorial on the looping effect freehand technique here. How pretty is this teal??? Purple colour shifts?? Heaven in a bottle, yep.

Can we just laugh for a second at my lack of photography skills? I first got my new DSL-R in May and had no idea what the majority of the settings did. I was all like 'why are all my pics so blurry???'

Polishes used:
- Quo by Orly Instant Artist 'White' (striper polish)
- KB Shimmer 'Teal another tale' (turquoise micro glitter with purple shifting flakies... nm, I have no idea how to accurately describe this)

 Look, I mean look!!! Drool.


  1. I made something similar someday, but it did not looked near as beautiful as yours! Love the KBShimmer polish!


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