Sunday, 13 July 2014

Black holo up in smoke

Back in May I received my first Colors by Llarowe polish and I was oh so excited because I've never owned a holo polish that strong. I also decided I wanted to try out the 'one stroke' brush technique, popularized by nail artists such as Tartofraises and Lucy's Stash. These ladies do some crazy amazing floral designs with one-stroke, but since I had no idea what I was doing I went for a random mess that ended up looking like swirly smoke. Chalkboard Nails did some smoke nails last year, but using a watercolour technique.

This random smoke look was actually done two months ago back in May... sometimes folders just get left unpublished after a while and I forget all about them. Nail blogger problems. No video tutorial as such, but do check out the ladies mentioned above for some tips on the one-stroke technique.

Here's the drop dead gorgeous 'Black gold, texas tea' from Colors by Llarowe by itself.

To do the smoke swirls I used a flat brush and dipped it into black and white acrylic paint, one colour on each end. I dragged the brush over the nail slowly and curved it around randomly. Wasn't really sure what the best approach to this technique was, so it was more of a learning experience for me.

This pic was taken in the shade, proving that holos really do need sun. It just sucks that I can only ever get direct sun in my window between 6:30am-8:00am, boo.

Back to sun shots :)

 Look at this nail polish! LOOK. AT. IT. It's so pretty it could kill you. *dead*

 Polishes used:
- Colors by Llarowe 'Black gold, texas tea' (black holo)
- Black and white acrylic paint

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  1. This is still better than anything I could do haha :)