Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hypnotizing black & neon squares

Further to yesterday's plain corner gradient post, here's the finished product. No, this is not a stamp. No, this is not freehand. No, this is not a pre-cut nail vinyl (I wish, seriously). This is the result of me turning into a crazy person and placing probably over 50 pieces of striping tape one by one while my eyes go crossed.

Like I said yesterday, this mani was actually done back in May but I never got around to posting it as I thought I should probably do a tutorial cause it's mind-boggling as f**k. Well, the thought of evenly placing just 10 pieces of striping tape on one nail had me annoyed already. So I'll just tell you what I did and advise you that I do not recommend this mani and it's really exhausting.

I did a corner gradient (see yesterday's post) and then I cut a bunch of strips of striping tape (for pics and a description of what that is and where you can get it, see my Gradient Guide) and basically stuck them in a 90 degree angle pattern beginning with the center of the hypnotizing square in whatever corner the yellow 'nucleus' of my corner gradient was. I then kept applying 90 degree corners outwards until there was no more room left on the nail. I make sure all the edges of the striping tape were tucked good into my cuticle/side walls of my nail, and then painted on a layer of black polish. Took off the striping tape very carefully with tweezers and prayed to God it was going to look like it did in my head. It did, so that's good. Otherwise I would have been mad as hell for wasting all that time.

Look, I mattified it!

Here's some striping tape (proof!):

I think it looks better matte. What do you think?

Polishes used:
- China Glaze 'Yellow polka dot bikini' (neon yellow creme)
- Spa Ritual 'Firefly' (lime green neon jelly)
- China Glaze 'In the limelight (neon)' (green creme with shimmer)
- Maybelline 'Urban utopia' (aqua creme)
- Cult Nails 'Nevermore' (black creme)
- Revlon matte top coat


  1. This is so freaking pretty it's totally worth the effort! Well done :-)

  2. This is amazing - especially the matte version!

  3. Wow, I like your craziness...I say it was worth the effort, this is a very unique looking mani! I can not take my eyes of it! Fantastic work!

  4. You are crazy but the final result is just fantastic. Really. I admire your patience!

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