Thursday 24 July 2014

Pink and grey holo fancy chevron scaled gradient

Further to my futuristic teal mermaid-esque scaled gradient, today I'm having some more I Love Nail Polish (ILNP)* holo fun! This time with 'fancy chevrons' - who knew errthin' be gettin' fancy these days? I'm pretty sure this is one the sexiest mani's I've ever done. Yep, I just called nail art sexy.


Yay for pink and black! Well, pink and grey actually, but how stunning is this grey ILNP holo? I used
'fancy chevron' nail vinyls from Up Your Nail as the gradient divider for this look. The scaled gradient technique can yield a totally different result depending on which nail vinyl/divider/guide you use. That's why I do so many of them, I can't stop! Sorry, but not sorry. Remember if you're looking for tips on this technique and for tips on gradients and the use of nail vinyls in general check out my Gradient Guide.

The next couple pics were taken in direct sunlight - which is a rare occurance in my condo building.

Back to indoor lighting (2x 5200k CFL bulbs) just to show you that I actually did do both hands.

'Fancy chevron' nail vinyls from Up Your Nail (the orange really threw off the photo colouring):

Bonus iPhone pic: I wore this mani for six whole days! Which is basically a century to me. I sported this sassy look throughout the work week cause I'm a boss. Actually, I'm no one's boss, but, whatever. Only one tiny tiny chip on my pointer finger after nearly a week of wear. I'm crediting Glisten & Glow's Stuck on Blu basecoat and HK Girl quick dry top coat for this. HK Girl is also all I use between gradient/vinyl layers because it's the only top coat that will actually cure the polish enough to allow for sticking on nail vinyls that won't indent or rip up the polish. I highly recommend this duo, and if you're in Canada, you can grab them both from Nail Polish Canada.



  1. Apply one thin base coat of pink
  2. Using a make-up sponge, sponge on a gradient of grey to pink with the grey beginning at the bottom (cuticle end) of the nail. Don't worry about this gradient extending to the tip of the nail, remember just to focus on the first half of the nail
  3. Apply quick dry top coat and let dry. A good 10 minutes if you're using G&G HK Girl, and for other brands, it could take hours to avoid an indent/polish peeling. I don't trust anything else!
  4. Once fully dry, stick on nail vinyl towards middle of nail. Tape off the bottom section using painter's tape (green tape), or any other larger-sized tape you have available to you
  5. Take a fresh part of the make-up sponge and sponge on the same grey-pink gradient, again with grey beginning towards the bottom end, so right on the fancy chevron edge. This time make sure to blend the pink right to the end of the nail
  6. Remove all tape and nail vinyls, quickly but carefully (with tweezers). Do not let polish dry before you take off the tape
  7. Clean-up using 100% acetone and a thin angled brush, final top coat, and voila, super sexy mani!

You can also refer to the Gradient Guide for extra tips and tricks on this technique.

Polishes used:
- ILNP 'Bikini bottoms' (hot pink holo)
- ILNP 'AC Slater' (grey holo)

*The ILNP nail polishes used in this mani were provided by ILNP to me for review/use in nail art.

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