Friday, 11 April 2014

Can you guess what these will become? Abstract shapes

Unless you live in a cave, you will likely be able to guess what this nail art eventually became - but I won't spoil it just in case some of you actually do live in a cave.

Once I did this step I thought they looked pretty cool on their own and so I'm featuring them as is! I used striping tape and a lot of patience (and drying time) to create this mani. Stay tuned 'till tomorrow for what this actually ended up transforming into.

Polishes used:
- Essie 'Forever yummy' (red)
- Essie 'Mesmerized' (blue)
- Maybelline Color Show 'Fierce n' tangy' (yellow)
- Orly 'Point blanche' (white)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Glowstars!! You are the first person to ever comment on this blog! For that I give you..... a virtual cookie (())
      Let's just pretend that looks like a delicious cookie.... thanks so much girl :)

    2. I'm not EVEN going to tell you what that 'cookie' looks like LOLOLOLOL.

  2. I love the before and after. I think instead of using striping tape I would have put some polish on a baggie and cut out the shapes...I'm too impatient and quite frankly too lazy to do it the tedious way like you did LOL.

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