Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I lost my stamping cherry in a bed of black lace

That's right, I stamped for the first time last night. I had actually bought the Pueen Love Elements stamping plates set over a month ago, but I quickly gave up out of frustration when I first got them because for whatever reason the stupid images wouldn't even transfer onto the stamper. I was (and still am) convinced that the particular plate I had tried was too shallowlly etched and so no polish was being picked up. I found myself with more patience to try it again last night and pulled out a different plate from the set and BAM it actually transferred! Amazed.

Originally I just wanted to see what OPI's new silver chrome polish from the Gwen Stefani collection looked like and I was so impressed! Here's a couple shots of that alone first:

Oooh so shiny and delicious nom nom. Now here's me stamping for the first time with a lacy number. Clearly I need to work on my stamp placement cause they're a little far off from the cuticle, but whatever. The camera does not agree with taking photos of this beautiful chrome with there's a dark contrast over it though, so some shots are a little meh.

Black lace mmmmm.

Now that I've stamped I can't wait to try it again! I must say I still enjoy the free hand and I am and will always be obsessed with stripes and other geometric abstractness. But I can't wait to play around with more stamping, so long as the images actually transfer &@*$&%!

Polishes used:
- OPI 'Lay down that base' (base coat recommended to use under chrome)
- OPI 'Push and shove' (chrome wowness)
- Cult nails 'Nevermore' (black - now I realize it didn't really give me 100% perfect opacity on stamp transfer, but as a polish alone it's the most opaque black I own and I don't have a black Konad polish or equivalent. Any tips on what black to use would be appreciated if you have 'em :)

Stamped using Pueen plate 27.


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