Wednesday 30 April 2014

Emerald green runway

A while ago I did a neutral-toned negative space mani inspired by Kristin from @kgrdnr, but lately I've found myself swooning over her original photo and wondering what else I could do with it 'cause my beige version was BORING. Well, it was okay, in a meh kind of way, but I wanted something darker that catches the eye like Kristin's original delicious burgundy number. @chorubim showed the nail art world how Kristin's look could take on other dark hues, and Margaret from @m_a_tom showed us how we could use other specialty toppers to line the centre runway down the nail (which then influenced me to use pixie dust last time around). Just as luck would have it, Amy from @mcpolish posted an emerald green negative space mani a couple days ago, after I'd already done my nails almost basically the same! Great nail artists think alike, clearly.

WARNING: This post is pic heavy 'cause I love them so much I don't care about your monthly bandwidth allowance!

On a pic note, my camera was doing something wonky during this photoshoot. The weather wasn't any different than it is normally (it was the same time of day I usually take my after work shots, around 5pm, always cloudy, hello Canada), so therefore I attribute the wonkiness to the insane flakies. I'm pretty certain that they caused some strange deflection [insert scientific knowledge here] and so the photos were all slightly blurred. My camera settings are always the same, so curse you flakies, for being so amazing yet so difficult to capture on camera. They're going to take over the world while we're asleep. You heard it here first.

To execute this mani I did these four simple steps:
1) Clear base coat, let dry
2) Apply two strips of striping tape, apply dark polish over (1 thick coat) and remove the striping tape, slowly with tweezers, then let dry
3) Apply the flakie topper generously down the middle strip of the nail, being careful not to fill in the negative spaces. I did three targeted coats here for maximum flakiness. Let dry
4) Mattify with a matte top coat and you're done!

I realize I'm holding a blue opal BUT the flakies look similar :)

Can't stop now...

Ugh, flakies! So god damn sexy.

AHHH give me more flakies

A England I bow down to you

OMG, can't deal.

Must buy all the flakies now.
 I wore this one for 3 days straight last week because I loved it so much:

Damn right I did both hands!

Polishes used:
- A England 'Saint George' (dark green holo)
- Nails Inc. 'The wyndham' (green flakie)
- Revlon matte top coat

I think I have a problem... sometimes I love my nail polish so much I try to eat the caps off...


  1. These are great!!! I think St. George is one of my favorite polishes :)

    1. Thanks Amy! I love St. George, but hell all A England's are gorgeous! Especially matte :O

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