Friday 25 April 2014

'Over the top' for Sephora Formula X: Triangles

Ever since I bought three particular shades of green and grey from Sephora's new line of polishes, Formula X, I've been wanting to create a very simple eye-catching geometric mani. I just love the muted neon lime green featured, it's like a lemon-lime colour, maybe more like an amaretto sour made with lime juice colour - a bit murky but so refreshing. That's why the mattifying top coat is key to this mani. It balances out the subtle shimmer that comes through in the textured polish. I loved this mani so much I wore it for 4 days! What, I actually wore the SAME NAIL POLISH for four whole days?! And I got proof (see last photo exhibit: both hands).

In order to execute this mani these were the steps I took:
1) Paint 3 coats of lime green as base, let dry.
2) Using striping tape, make shape of large triangle and fill in with grey polish, remove tape, let dry.
3) Matte top coat! This actually ended up sinking the grey into the green, turning the otherwise cool grey into a more warm green-grey. But hey, I didn't mind! Let dry.
4) Using striping tape, make shape of smaller triangle within first triangle. Fill in with a generous coat of textured polish, remove tape, let dry.
5) No top coat here! This is in order to keep the matte base colours and leave the textured polish pretty and shiny as is. If I'd matte top-coated the whole mani, the textured polish would have sunken in and it's shine would have left the building. Surprisingly I had no chips at all for four days even without a 'real' top coat.

Oh hey there Menchie... how'd this get in here?
Polishes used:
- Sephora Formula X 'Sci-fi' (mint green textured)
- Sephora Formula X 'Extraordinary' (grey creme)
- Sephora Formula X 'Over the top' (lime green creme)
- Revlon matte topcoat (not pictured)

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