Wednesday 9 April 2014

Parkinson's day themed nail art

Nailpolis is hosting a World Parkinson's Day nail art challenge and obviously I had to participate because I love challenges, and any excuse for nail art is a good one. No, seriously though, the idea is also to raise awareness for parkinsons. For more info on Parkinson's Day and the disease more generally see here. World Parkinson's Day is April 11, that's in two days!

This will be the last you see of free-hand nail art because my current brushes suck ass. I literally used a paintbrush that has to be 13 years old from an ancient arts and crafts kit which I then proceeded to trim down in attempt to tailor it to being nail art friendly. Not so much, my friends. I will have to go real brush shopping soon time, at an actual art store to see if they sell the world's smallest brushes. I also struggled with using nail polish to paint the tulip mostly, and the ribbon a little less so. This is because polish drags when you're painting it on with a tiny brush. As you know (presuming you paint your nails at least one colour and aren't some creep reading this for an unknown reason), once you paint one coat most formulas give you a hard time if you try to layer another coat over a still very much wet first coat. The same is true for painting tiny designs. This is why most nail artists have resorted to using acrylic paint, which is much more forgiving in this respect. I might just have to expand my repertoire of nail painting materials. Who knows what else I could use... food colouring? Eyeshadow pigment? Car paint? The possibilities are endless!

I complemented my medicore nail art (a tulip and a blue ribbon which are symbols for Parkinson's awareness) with two reciprocal gradient nails and one solid striped thumb nail. My bf tells me the latter looked like a circus tent... after he said that I couldn't stop seeing clowns laughing at this mani.

Polishes used:
- Sally Hansen 'Blue my mind' (blue, duh)
- Essie 'Forever yummy' (red)
- Revlon 'Posh' (green)
- Orly 'Pointe blanche' (my new favourite opaque white - hint - that's cause it's meant for french manis)

Accent colours used to line the ribbon and tulip images:
- Seche 'Wonderfully witty' (dark blue)
- A England 'Rose bower' (red holo)
- A England 'Saint George' (dark green holo)

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