Thursday 3 April 2014

Throwback thursday re-create

In 2010 I slapped some purple and white on my nails with a sponge and added some random lines and it turned out like this:

Not too shabby (obviously I had to smooth out some things with magic editing software), but it was really just a lucky mani that happened to look pretty cool relative to some other questionable manis I had been experimenting with in my studying/nail polish lair. I originally posted this mani in January.

So in honour of throwback Thursday I decided to re-create this mani because I really do love the colour scheme and general design (if you hadn't noticed yet I'm obsessed with the looping effect), and because my fugly nails from 2010 don't do it justice. 

Using the exact same polish (I think) as I did four years ago, here's my updated mani:

Excuse the claw shot - wanted to control for the same hand pose as in 2010 :)

Hurray! I am finally not embarrased to show a photo of this mani! Let's celebrate by.... taking it off and doing my nails again. Life of a polish addict.

Polishes used:
- Essie 'Blanc'
- Sally Hansen 'Pronto Purple'
- Sally Hansen 'Dark Roses'
- Kiss skinny nail art polish 'Bikini Pink'
- L.A. Colors skinny nail art polish in white
- Jordana skinny striper polish 'The Artist'


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